Sainsbury's own brand ready brek


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I've tried searching but can't find it. Is it definately Sainsburys own. What other info can you give me then I can have another look.

The passwords last for 2wks if you can remember the previous one try it :)


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I've had a look online and Sainsbury's don't seem to do a Ready Brek type cereal (or at least where I live they don't)! They do seem to have instant porridge sachets though, which is what I hope you mean!

As long as they're just porridge oats and no flavourings, and weigh no more than 28g, you can have one as a part of one healthy extra B (but you must have either an oat or scan bran too).

Otherwise, 5 syns for 28g of porridge oats (dried). Flavoured sachets have various syns - just ask!