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Salty chocolate


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Nope mine are lovely lol
But this is day one so who am I to say ha ha ha

Trish x
Just a thought are you really old and losing the plot and forgetting YOU are actually putting salt in..........Your not putting coffee in your soup as well are you? ;-p xx
i deffo have noticed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im glad im not the only one. lol x


Says it as it is!!!
I don't know whether my taste buds have gone to pot but my latest batch of choc shakes tastes really salty !!
Is it only me or has anyone else noticed?
lol i suffer with a salty taste at least once a month!! then it just goes!
I don't have chocolate (but am thinking of trying one) but haven't noticed salty tastes with the vanilla or strawberry. I thought the soup was very salty but haven't had that since week 1.



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LOL I did laugh at this thread title :D

Reminds me of this



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LOL I did laugh at this thread title :D

Reminds me of this

I cannot see what you loaded Howdy, but I'm guessing its a song from South Park!!!


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I thought it was my taste buds acting up too; the vanilla tastes quite salty, but the choc is lovley!!


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Yes i get a salty taste now and then. I thought it was off my lips though. Comes and goes. Water helps.
i can definately tell the difference! it changes week after week! i think it's cos of different batches- but i suppose it could just be to do with how much water i use...


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I have been doing this diet the SS+ for 2 days and i have the worse case of salty tasting mouth ever, everything i eat, drink is salty...i am drinking 4-6 pints of water, so there is no reason i can think of...
I can but then then I have a filthy mind :D :eek:
I thought all but the soup were salty last time I tried this diet, it really put me off. Might be better with more water? I do hope it's odd batches though, gives me hope for the future!

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