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Sandy's Diary

Well I have now been doing CD for 8 days. I have to say that they haven't been fun!

First off I struggled with eating the soups. :sign0137: what is that metallic after taste all about so I had to go running (or should I say hobbling as I've broken my little toe tripping over a carpet, running to get food ;) ) to my CDC to swap the soups for shakes.

The shakes are yummy and I haven't had any trouble gobbling those down. The problems come when I'm confronted with food, which seems to be everywhere. Adverts, food programs, magazines, in the street, driving past the fish and chip shop. Does there come a time when you don't notice these things anymore :cry:?

Anyway, yesterday I succumbed and ate 4 olives :eek: ! I feel like such a failure and to be honest feel fat and bloated today. I'm not getting weighed until Thursday and I will be gutted if I haven't lost a couple of pounds. :(
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Sandy it is hard with food everywhere you turn. You do get used to it.....thankfully !

Ok you are not supposed to eat but it was 4 olives and suppose it could have been a whole lot worse. Put it behind you now and get straight back on the wagon. You can do this and you will.
Thanks Sonkie, I think I need confirmation that the cravings will go. to be honest I'm not hungry any more i just can't help the food cravings! WHEN WILL THEY GO?! :drool:


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I find myself going to the cupboards out of habit......! Its being on these diets when you realise how bad your eating habit had become. Not once after the first week was I hungry but I would want to eat because I had let it become habitual and so when sat watching tv would want crisps....etc etc.

I dont really crave food......took around 2-3 weeks to stop craving food, a week to stop feeling hungry, the habit is always there though so you need to be on your guard....lol.
I'm glad it's not just me with the food habit.

Like you I haven't been hungry for the last couple of days infact I was quite busy yesterday and realised at 3.30pm that I needed another shake! That would never happen if I was eating normally.

The weekend was the worst :sigh:. I wasn't hungry but sitting around really makes me think about food so I tried to do other stuff... I have to say that my house has never been so clean!


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Hee hee I think we all have shiny houses now....lol. We all seem to be the same, so its not just you, you are not alone.....lol.


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Well done on getting through the weekend and to day 8.

I did not like the soups to start with, but after a few weeks you no longer taste the vitamins and minerals in them , so you might like to try a soup again.

While you may not feel physically hungry it is common enough to feel psychologically hungry. Especially if you are an emotional eater.

Love Mini xxx


Minimins gal x
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Morning Sandy hun firstly well done for losing the 8.5 lbs in your first week.
Hun dont be 2 hard on yourself over the 4 olives like Sonkie said it could of been so much worse and i dont think it would of kicked u out of ketosis.

Hun unfortunately food cravings are something dont dissapear but it does get easier and next time tour chatter box arrives just tell it to sod off and not come back lol. We have a food dump section here on the site where when u r craving for something and its really on your mind u can come to this part of the site and dump it.


Hun hope u have a good day and remember u r not alone there is always someone around to chat 2.
Take care xx

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