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Sat - Nav Recommendations?


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As one who gets lost in pretty much all situations I'm looking for a nice little sat nav system. Had a look on moneysavingexpert and rather like the look of the Navman F20 - I think I might be getting sucked in by the car park finder and petrol station finder that it has......... does anyone have any recommendations for Sat-Nav's?:D


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CPC currently have a Bluetooth GPS receiver for £40, then you just buy whatever GPS software you want for your mobile phone and away you go!

It's a great little unit, I got one at the weekend. We already have, and would highly recommend, a Garmin Streetpilot which was only about £100.


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oooooooough, thanks for the replies chaps!!

Don't think my rubbish phone would be able to handle software, it barely functions as it is with me dropping it on concrete most days.

I've heard of the Tomtom - is it that good? I will have to look.

Will have a nosey at the Garmin Streetpilot too!

thank you!!



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My tomtom is brilliant. I love it as much as my DH. It's so easy to see where you're going and what's coming up. I can even hear his/her instructions (not that I follow them...cos I do things my own way:rolleyes:), but he/she puts me back on the right road without getting cross or stressed :)

Certainly goes down as a best buy in my house of gadgets :D
I need a sat nav too , i get lost going to work !!!! LOL
my friend says if she had the money she would buy me one !!!
The stories of getting lost are very funny thou .

Let us know how you get on Nicole
Navman are one of the best sat nav's on the market. My DH is on his 2nd after someone stole the other one from his car.

Yeah, it serves him right but it wasn't on show and was locked up and parked on our drive where the crime rate is virtually zero. The cheeky sods have managed to unlock a load of cars round here and take whatever they fancy.

If you have got sky have a look on QVC for when they are on and they will tell you an awful lot about them and also are usually much cheaper to buy from than the shops.


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lol!!! LUCKY!! on the way to work? Ended up going towards the Trossachs on Monday instead of Edinburgh on the way home from the SECC! Used to have sat nav in parents car - inbuilt in the little Toyota Yaris Verso.

Had a look at the Garmin - the only thing I am having grumbles with is that it doesn't do post codes and it gets upset with some street names according to a few reviews.

Navman/TomTom.........hrm....need more reviews! I haven't checked the pricing for a TomTom yet but the Navman is about £120 which is rather good I thought!

We went into Halfords intending to buy a Tom Tom but salesman said he thought the garmin was better value and although we haven't tried it i'm sure he said you could put in a post code. Perhaps you could have a trip to halfords for advice.
Irene xx


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Hiya coley,
Tescos's were doing a special offer, half price £64 or thereabouts on a sat nav. Looked a bit small in the picture, (leaflet that came thru the door) sorry don't know what it was called or even if it was only an easter offer. Might be worth having a look tho?

I wanted to get a sat nav, but put it off as was a bit pricey.... then lo and behold hubby who had a clean licence for over 20years got two speeding fines in the space of 6 weeks :eek: would you beleive it was at the exact same place both times! So that £120 could have gone towards my sat nav... He has bought himself this gadget for £50 that picks up speed camera's and traffic light camera's. I used it once, but found it distracting, I just watch out for the yellow boxes and lines on the road!!hahhaa:p

Good luck with your hunting coley


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We have a Garmin from Halfords and could definately recommend it.
Irene xx
Snap me tooo and i would defo recommend it! We were lucky enough to try out the Tom Tom and the Garmin but in the end the Garmin won :) you honestly can't beat the maps much much more superior than the Tom Tom and the Garmin has all the pubs as well:D:D:D

In Europe the Garmin is the most popular Sat Nav and has been on the market for a lot longer than Tom Tom and some Sat Nav's have got that many gadgets on them ie mp3 bluetooth etc that the navagating goes to pot!!


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oooooough, pubs!! can't drink and drive though. nope nope.

Reading about the TomTom Go 300, supposedly the maps up in my neck of the wood haven't been updated......some roads that were single carriageways 2-3 years back have been made into duel and the TomTom GO 300 still thinks they are single!!

Slightly worrying when my main priority is getting somewhere - goodness knows what else is wrong.

Geri - I shall have a nosey at tesco...you never know!!

Tracie - does your Garmin work on post codes? I was reading somewhere that they don't?



Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Hi Coley,

Nooooo defo don't drink and drive just get someone else to drive :D:D:D

Yep my Garmin works on post codes i can't recommend it highly enough.


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Tomtom :D

Bought one for my husband when he had to drive all round UK and got him where he wanted to go everytime. Had the speed cameras loaded onto it as well, so it boings when you get near one. Wouldnt go anywhere without it now. Its really handy to have.

I intend to get the tomtom 6 software for my PDA phone too. Used to have it on before but accidentally lost the prog when the phone did a reboot!! :eek:

You wont regret getting one, but as said DONT LEAVE IT IN THE CAR, even the boot. Have heard the thieves can detect if there is one in there even if hidden. :mad:

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