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sausages and bacon on induction

Hi everyone :)
So i have been readin through the atkins posts etc on here and from what i can see you are allowed bacon and sausages on induction !!!
Although it seems confusing abit to me...as you can have bacon if it is nitrate free...but i cant find any in the uk supermarkets that is nitrate free..all the carb free ones defo have nitrate in.
The same goes for sausages...it seems easy to find low carb ones but they always seem to have fillers or something else in that you should be avoiding on this paticular diet.
I have also found this applies to pork scratchings aswell.
Am i reading or doing something wrong here.
Please help !!!!!! :confused::confused::confused:
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i found some 0.5g carb sausages in tesco ill go check the fridge and get the name of them, i had 2/3 the other morning, gave some to my boyfriend and he was raving off them, they are fit.

not had bacon yet but dont see why not, maybe just not every morning

ive been having atkins bar in the morning this week as bit bored of scrambled egg


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The nitrates thing is more about healthy eating than anything.

You can get low carb sos at Lidl, they are the Milton gate brand. As to the bacon, I wouldn't stress about it too much myself.

In general I'd try to stick to fresh meat, fish, fowl and leafy green veggies.

LOL, I should paste that into a note I say it so often. :)
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i have eaten bacon 5 days out of 7 last week and still lost 4lbs but it was the healthy living range but it deffo had nitrates in it



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Im the sausage queen - find all the low carb sausages :)
Black farmer sausage (tesco and sainsburys)
Lidl bratwurst are low
Morrisons chorizo and pork and venison and pork
Debbie and andrews Garden herb (havent tried these yet but they are waiting in the fridge)
Thank you everyone for all your replies, i am so glad i joined minimins, there is so much help you get from everyone on here, bacon and sausages it is then lol :)
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just discovered that - co-ops cumberland sausages are 0.9 per saausage - very tasty with a little spice!

Dee 25

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i thought you could have bacon and sausage as much as you like?



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Well you can, provided you make sure the sos are low carb and you realise the implications of the the nitrates in bacon, but that's just a health thing.

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