Step2 810kcal Here we go again 💃🏼

Hello fellow dieters ❤

I had a diary here in summer 2018 when I did Cambridge (with some Exante products mixed in!) for a few months. I lost two stone during that time and I’m delighted to report that two years down the line I have maintained that loss! I gradually increased my calories over a number of weeks after finishing Cambridge, which I think is key to maintenance after a VLCD and I definitely plan to do the same this time around. In 2019 after leaving Cambridge, I very slowly lost another stone by just loosely watching what I ate and working hard on my relationship with food/binge eating... bringing my total loss earlier this year to 3 stone!

Due to Covid-19 and attending university from home, I’ve noticed some bad habits are starting to creep back in... a lot of it due to boredom and having all this extra time by myself. My jeans barely fit me again and I feel bloated, sluggish and lethargic. After avoiding the scales for the past 3 months, I finally stepped on last week to see I had gained 8-9 pounds since lockdown started mid-March in Ireland. This gave me the motivation to get back on track before I undid all of my loss. I immediately reached out to my Cambridge consultant and ordered my favourite Exante shakes! I enjoyed a few days of overindulgence before I get back to reality tomorrow.

In 2018 I had great success mixing Cambridge and Exante products. I do the equivalent of Step 2 which is 3 products per day with a small low carb meal. On days that I exercised a lot, I had a higher calorie high protein low carb meal, which didn’t affect my losses at all. The reason I mix the products is because I love the Cambridge porridge and bars but prefer the Exante shakes variety and taste (and the much cheaper price, haha!). I find the Exante bars and porridge pretty grim so I feel like I get the best of my faves by mixing them up. The calories still work out the same - main nutritional difference is Exante products have less carbs, which is probably better for getting into ketosis anyway.

My ultimate goal weight is about 10 and a half to 11 stone. I am 5 foot 9 so I will just see how my body feels more than focusing on a specific number. For now I would just like to lose one stone and I will re-evaluate my goals when I get there 🤗

My products finally arrived today so I will be starting tomorrow. This forum seems pretty quiet but I found it very helpful to document my journey in 2018 so I will continue to do even if I’ll just be talking to myself!

Best of luck everyone! Xxx
Day 1 is going great so far... but I know the first day is always the easiest! Not hungry at all but I’m possibly still full from overdoing it yesterday. 🙈

Breakfast: Original porridge
Lunch: Choc mint shake
Dinner: Turkey, egg and veggies (~200 calls)

I will have my final meal of a Cambridge peanut bar (my fave!) later this evening around 8 or 9 with a cup of tea! 🤗

I watched some of SJ Strum’s Cambridge YouTube videos earlier for some motivation and boy is her story encouraging. I initially learned about Cambridge from her and I find her determined mindset very contagious! Definitely worth looking up her weight loss video series if anyone needs a boost.

How’s everyone else doing? Xx
Day 2: -2 lbs

Woke up with a headache and I slept very little last night - I had forgotten about how much low carb affects my sleep in the beginning.

Delighted to see 2 pounds off this morning even though I know it’s only water weight. I’ll probably weigh myself most days this week as I think the losses will help get through the keto flu and initial side effects! But once the losses slow down I’ll just weigh once a week.

Just about to have a Cambridge banana oat smoothie which is delicious if I remember correctly!

Day 2 lets go!!!! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
Day 2 down 🥳

Breakfast: banana strawberry oat smoothie
Lunch: lemon yogurt bar
Step 2 dinner: Prawn and veg curry
Snack: mint crunch bar

Headache settled after lots of water this morning but is starting to throb again now. But I know it will pass once I’m in ketosis. Feeling good overall though and definitely less bloated already! A little hungry going to bed now but nothing major and zero temptation to go off plan!

Goodnight guys, hope you’re all getting on ok and if not, remember tomorrow is another day ❤
Day 3: - 3.5lb 🥳

Delighted to be back in the 11s this morning. Meeting some friends today but I will just have a black coffee. Had my Cambridge maple porridge for breakfast and ready for another on plan day 👊🏻 I already feel my mood and outlook has improved from not stuffing myself and definitely enjoying my energy levels being more stable... so far anyway! Xxx
Day 3 down 👊🏻 No headache or side effects today. I have been hungry but pushing through.

Breakfast: Cambridge porridge
Lunch: mint crunch bar
Step 2 dinner: prawn and veg stir fry
Snack: lemon bar

I had a great day today meeting some friends that I hadn’t seen in months. I was so happy when I got home... until I saw the photos. I hate that I am letting photos and social media make me feel so poor about myself 😢 I know I need to really work on my body image and confidence a lot because my BMI is almost normal yet I don’t see it. But I am determined to use those photos as motivation and not let myself be upset about it any longer!

Tomorrow will be a tricky one as I must attend my sister’s birthday dinner. I’m not sure yet how I will approach it diet wise but I will see what happens tomorrow! Thankfully from Monday I have no plans for at least two weeks so I will not have anything getting in the way of being fully on plan!

Goodnight guys ❤️ Xx