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Sausages (can't find in the other thread)

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by *HelenMarie85*, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    We have some Riverway Foods sausages (bought from Tesco. They are pack of 12 plain pork sausages in the plastic tray. Can someone help me with the syn value please. (if there is one)

    It says on the pack that for 2 sausages grilled (97g) is 300kcal ???

    Is it still the 20 cals = 1 syn for this .. if so then it would be 15 syns for the 2 sausages and 7 and a half syns for 1 sausage ???

    Thank you!!!
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  3. Ruth234

    Ruth234 Full Member

    I couldn't find on the SW website but according to the syns calculator the whole pack is 52.5 syns (around 4.5 syns per sausage)

    the 20 cal per syn only works on food that contains no free food. free foods are veg, fruit, lean meats, potato's, pasta, rice, eggs etc. So extra lean pork mince is free but a sausage would contain additional fat so wouldn't be free but would have an element of free food in it. x
  4. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    Thank you :) So i'm looking at 8 syns for 2 sausages then ??? x
  5. Ruth234

    Ruth234 Full Member

    A pleasure - 9 syns for 2 (4.5 a sausage)

    whenever you buy some more I would recommend getting one of the below:

    Butchers Choice Half Fat Pork Sausages, chilled 8 pack, 57g each - 2 syns each (from most supermarkets)
    Chosen by You Butchers Choice Lincolnshire Sausages, frozen 12 pack, 50g each - 2½ syns each (from Asda)

    Or Quorn do the below:

    Cumberland Sausages, chilled 5 pack, 50g each - 1 syn each
    Low Fat Sausages, frozen 6 pack, 50g each - Free
  6. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    Ahh .. see we usually do get the butchers choice ones .. but think hubby got those ones this week because they were on offer .. will have to remember then to get butchers choice! I've fancied trying quorn products .. he doesn't I think lol!
  7. Ruth234

    Ruth234 Full Member

    The quorn ones are good if you are using them in a casserole or something because you can't taste the difference.

    I often will batch make chilli con carne/spaghetti bolognaise so I can leave in the fridge/freezer in portions for a quick meal. I usually use one pack of extra lean mince and 1 pack of quorn mince in my batches as it makes it cheaper and healthier without changing the taste!
  8. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    Sounds a fab idea!!!

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