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Scales hopping challenge! No inbetween offical weighins challenge!

Ok Im a bad bad bad scale hopper
Every morning I weigh myself and I know its pointless as

we weigh different daily

my weight has gone down then up by weighin day

we mentally crack when the scales show a gain

So who wants to go cold turkey with me and not weigh everyday ?

I had my offical (at home) weigh in today,I cant chuck my scales away as Im a at home aloner, but am going to leave them round my OHs house tonight :eek::eek::eek::eek:

So whos going to do this challenge with me?????:eek: xx

No inbetween weighday challenge
size102b t:checkmark:w:checkmark:
chrissytina t:checkmark:w:checkmark:
jacqui35 t:checkmark:
katie Victoria t:checkmark:w:checkmark:
phil1978 t:checkmark:w:checkmark:
chantelle t:checkmark:w:checkmark:
yummymummy75 t:checkmark:w:checkmark:

Day 1(tue 13th.7th) will put a tick for everyone who doesnt weigh if not their weigh day on wednesday :)
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I will join you, my WI is monday night at 6pm, I always have a sneaky peek and being an ATHomer to i cant chuck the scales away

Count me in!!!!!


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ooof.......I dont know if I have the strength to do this one...its as addictive as smoking! Petrified of a gain if im not keeping an eye on the scales :(

Sorry I know I cant manage this one, but good luck everybody! xx
ooof.......I dont know if I have the strength to do this one...its as addictive as smoking! Petrified of a gain if im not keeping an eye on the scales :(

Sorry I know I cant manage this one, but good luck everybody! xx
I wish I had your will power, I'd love to join, but know the pull will be too much hehe good luck

You can both do it it seriously damages long term weightloss as we gain in the week think bulls its not working and I may as well eat?????
Why not try give your scales to someone where you cant weigh daily and see

Can I ask what do you think will happen if you cant weigh?You cant do anymore than the plan and exercise so if on wednesday your scales said you gained 3lbs what would you do???????:)


will try harder !!
I know what you mean, and luckily (in some ways) my scales are very hit and miss, so you can lose and put on each time you stand on them !! so I never know 100% till official weigh in. But I like the re assurance that the hard work is worthwhile.
lol I know exactly what you mean my scales like to dance,good luck with week 2 hun and well done on your loss I didnt realise you were on CD,have done that 4 years on and off so know how much willpower you have xx


will try harder !!
Thanks, I'm commiting to it one week at a time at the mo, I can't think past completing the week I'm in - other than obviously imagining myself as a gorgeous size 12 hehe
I did 10 weeks 3 times on Cd and 8 weeks on LL,the only tip I can give is do it once and no more then stick at maintance or another plan dont yoyo on VLCD........Massive week 1 for you :) Good luck hun keep intouch xx


will try harder !!
Thanks, Thants my plan get the first bit off, the swap to sensible eating and exercise to lose the last bit, in the hope I'll be able to mainain it and change my lifestyle. x
ok i'm going to join ye on this one..4 times i went up and down the stairs yesterday to weigh myself but each time i talked myself out of it!!!!!drives me crazy weighing myself so am going cold turkey and not weighing myself till my wi on thursday morning,will be good to get a surprise then,,good or bad:(


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omg this is gonnnnaa soooooooo kill me lmao, i know i said if i lose i will get rid of scales, so i guess its give to the kids and hide from me but then i cant throw them out as son goes on them omg how am i gonna cope hahahaha, im to like you if see a gain lose i lose the plot
Lol we can do this will add you too , well done on your loss nearly 1/2 stone in 2 weeks :) see you weighed before you went and u thought ud sts ?????xx


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Lol like so many others. I really don't have the will power to give up the scales! sounds silly but it keeps me on track for the week! :( wish i didn't use them everyday but i don't smoke... so this can be my addiction! :D good luck everyone!!! xxx

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