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Scales not moved for 4 days..


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I've stuck to it 100% so I'm not worried as such, just confused! Anyone else had this happen? I'm on ss+ and drinking about 4l of water a day. I know if you look at total loss over 3 momths then staying the same for a few days will only be a tiny part of that but I'm confuddled as to why the numbers aren't going down when I've had losses of about 1lb a day or more until now (2nd w/i tomorrow)

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Could be number of reasons

scales are weird things and best stayed off till weigh day .... For this reason!

I had many weeks of losing one pound / two pound even
no pounds!!! But like you said up there you HAVE the full picture to look

Sticking 100% you will lose.... Fact :D


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totally agree with mrsessex..stay away from the scales till weigh days, it drives you nuts otherwise lol...also measure your inches, i'm sure you have lost there this week even if scales haven't :)


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Thank you all!

Scales had dropped by 1lb this morning!
Hang on in there! As others have said, there are days when the scales stay the same but you are probs losing inches. This is the reason I stopped getting weighed daily. If I didn't see a loss I would be ready to fall off the wagon! Im on day 5 of a re-start and am not planning on getting weighed for another week or two.


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I'm the same scales haven't moved for 2 days, but I've been 100% and drinking enough water and I'm in ketosis, so I know I will still lose.


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Step away from the scales!!

You need to remember that the 1st week you are losing your glycogen and water stores so you drop it pretty quickly but now in the second week you are losing pure fat which takes a little bit longer so it will slow down.
Sometimes you will stay the same all week and then drop 3lbs over night, sometimes you retain more water and sometimes the scales dont reflect the truth but you see results in inch loss.

We all do it but try not to focus purely on the scales, also take measurements and notice the difference in your clothes x

If you are doing it 100% and drinking plenty of water then you will be losing weight x


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Also in my second week and having the same problem :( Have lost 0.5 since last tuesday. I find not losing far more demotivating on Cambridge, as we are effectively fasting, so we expect to see better results than WW or whatever where I'd lose 1-2lbs a week and eat food!!! The main reason I do Cambridge is for fast losses - not because I eat badly or hate the gym (au contraire, I miss the gym so much at the moment on SS!!), so when I don't get them, I become really discouraged.

However, my boss did ask me if I'd lost more over the weekend as I look slimmer today than I did on Friday apparently. So that was enough encouragement! Hoping for a bigger drop to make up for the stasis before WI on Wednesday.

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