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Why is it that sometimes my scales will show a differing amount of loss or gain to the scales at group?? I can't understand it...does anyone else have this?
Last week my scales said Id lost 2lb which would have meant I'd get my 4 stone award but group scales said I SS!!:eek:
I have now got hubby to hide our scales as that made me even more dissapointed! :sigh:
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Home scales are not accurately calibrated on a regular basis in the same way professional ones are. You need to decide which set you are going to take notice of and then ONLY take notice of the chosen ones. If you line 6 sets of bathroom scales alongside each other i would imagine you would get at least 4 different readings. I have two weights I take notice of 1) at group and then on the 3rd of each month first thing in the morning. Hence the two different weights on my tickers x


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Rosie is quite right. The SW scales are calibrated regularly. I do the weighing at my group and I do get a little aggrieved when people argue with the scales saying they are wrong. You pay to get weighed at group so don't get weighed at home, and if you do, don't trust the weight!
It tends to lead to disappointment by weighing at home.


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My bathroom scales always say that I weigh more than the sw ones. I tried it out the week before.
I weighed in at 10st 4lb at sw, when I got back home I tried the bathroom scales they read 10st 5.5lbs!
I tried the bathroom scales this morning. They say I weigh 0.5 less then weigh in at sw, on monday. but at least I know that the amount I lose at sw on monday will be more then that.
So my bathroom scales can only be used as a rough estimate of my weight loss.
You just have to stick to one set of scales, for me its the ones at slimming world
It does help to know if the bathroom scales weigh you in at more or less then the sw ones otherwise you will always be in a panic about your weight when you use them.
I think thats why you should only weigh yourself at sw, but I find it hard to follow my own rule. I have been told off by my c for doing it!
Anna x


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I'm a firm believer that if you have stuck to plan then you have nothing to worry about at WI - and if you do find you've gained or STS then the loss will catch up the next week.

If you've been a bit off plan (like I was last week) you will expect to gain and the scales will tell you so!

I find own scales can make some people miss weigh in, we've had people not turn up because their own scales told them they had gained.

Not a good idea in my opinion!


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I use my home scales to keep me on track - I am aware that I fluctuate throughout the week and knowing where I am keeps me on the straight and narrow!


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IMO the only scales that count are the ones at WI!!!

There are all sorts of factors that can affect your weight throughout the week... That's why you should WI at the same time each week on the same scales.

I actually do weigh myself everyday on my bathroom scales, but I ignore the reading (kinda pointless doing it really - just a habit I can't break!), my scales actually say I haven't lost anything in the last 3 weeks, but I'm 7.5lb down! Goes to show they really aren't accurate!

I do also weigh on my Wii fit on a wednesday morning (that's just the day I do a body test - I set goals on there) and it does give an accurate measurement of change for me, but the actual weight is always slightly higher. But I never take it as gospel, not until I step on the real scales!

It's the numbers that come off the WI scales that get written in your book - and it's what is written in your book that counts! :D
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I like to weigh every morning but ,They weigh be heavier than sw ones so I don't take much notice....Mine dont go down by half a pound and I think that makes a differnce....There was a man at group last week who thought his scales had said he had put on so in disapointment he pigged out all day!! that eve at weigh in he was shocked to find he had lost!!! then he felt really bad and now has to see if that weigh from the pig out will come on later! it just goes to show you can't trust you own ones!! Mind tell me a differnt weigh depending on where I put then in the bathroom!!! Im lighter near the door lol :)


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so you put them near the door right? :D hee.

i swooshed bath water all over my digital scales and totally broke them. they could tell me a few stones difference in my weight so decided they had to go.

since being preggers i haven't really weighed myself, so am finding this dieting without daily weighing thing really really strange!! so i can ONLY rely on the sw ones as i have none of my own for the first time in years and years!!

abz xx
I do have my own but I can get on and off them half a dozen times and get six different readings - up to half a stone apart!! They live behind the toilet and never come out. I should get rid of them but they serve a purpose for weighing holiday suitcases!


Alomst there :)
S: 12st2lb C: 9st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st0lb(24.71%)
I do have my own but I can get on and off them half a dozen times and get six different readings - up to half a stone apart!! They live behind the toilet and never come out. I should get rid of them but they serve a purpose for weighing holiday suitcases!
I wouldn't even trust mine for that!
i love my home scales - but admit to hopping on them too much! they are the same as SW ones if i put them in a particular place in the kitchen! lol!

I am going to try to not sneak a peak until Thursday morning - see how long i can go cold turkey!!! X
i weigh my holiday case on them too - weigh me (depressing) and then me and the case !!! usually 1kg under (but we always have the most luggage allowance we can! haha! x


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I do weigh almost every day (I know I shouldn't but I can't stop). My scales at home weigh me about 5lbs lighter than the SW ones but some of that is probably because I weigh at home in the morning at SW at night!

I think it can be ok as long as you don't rely on it to be accurate and it doesn't influence your perspective on the days ahead. I use my result as a guideline for what to expect at weigh in and as motivation to try harder for a few more days if I haven't lost very much.

If I was getting depressed about not seeing a loss every day then I would stop but I understand about the fluctuations in the week and other factors so I don't see the harm.

Everybody is different though eh!
Ok so today as WI looms (Tuesday) I am finding cold turkey without checking my weight at home difficult! I'd like to have some idea how its going but as they were so often out anyway they never really did give me an idea! :rolleyes:

I have never argued with the people at slimming world about my weigh in as of course that is why I go there and yes that reading is really important to me and to have that on record...just wanted to let off a bit of steam on here last week I suppose as had not got to that 4 stone stage I so wanted! But yes as I had changed things that week, eating more meat to try to top up my iron as quick as possible I hadn't expected to lose until my scales said I had...another pointer that it isn't a good idea to weigh at home!
It has happened the other way (my scales said I'd put on and the sw said loss) but I would not miss my weekly weigh in because of this...I haven't missed a week since starting in September!
So I will try and be patient and see what happens Tuesday at weigh in!
Hope you've all had good weeks with all scales being kind to you :)
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We don't have scales at home! So my weekly weigh-in is at the local Boots. I'll admit that if I'm at a friends house I will have a quick go on their scales, but usually I only get weighed once every week or two. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a mid week check, but I'd drive myself nuts if I had scales at home!

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