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Hi all

I'm after a bit of advice about scales. I have some cheap scales which have been ok-ish, but have given me a fairly ballpark guide to my weightloss. Well, the other day my OH moved them and now I weigh 6lbs more than before :eek:

I think, therefore, that if I'm going to take this getting fit business seriously I need to invest in a reasonably decent set of scales. I've had a look on various sites and there is such a range out there that I just can't make up my mind what to go for.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or maybe some scales themselves that are the bee's knees?

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I would definitely recommend salters scales. My scales, especially on a hard surface are very reliable.

Plus recently when I wrote to Salters when my old ones stopped working (after about 3 years of use) they sent me a brand new set which were nicer than my old ones and without any hesitation, which I was really impressed by as I didn't have the receipt but apparently their scales come with 15 year guarantee.

(I know I sound like I work for them, but I don't! Was just really impressed that they sent me shiny new scales!!).


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Thanks for the info. My current ones are Salter but really old. I'm wondering if i should go for fancy ones with body fat calculators etc, or just stick to the plain old weight ones. Hmmm??
I too have Salter scales, Ive just invested in some. They are great. :)


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Mine are Salter digital and just plain weight ones. My fiance didnt want me getting too upset about the body fat percentage figure that the other model would throw up everyday. Mine are positioned on a square piece of wood ontop of a sample piece of carpet and then actually on my real carpet. Scales do need to be on a hard surface to be accurate. Just remember each set of scales do weigh you differently too!


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Thanks, Shelz. Good idea about the block of wood! We have carpet all over except the kitchen, so I'll definitely give that a go.

I was looking at lots of different sets at the weekend and am completely bamboozled. I was thinking about the Body Fat measuring ones too - no danger about me starving myself, I promise you. Some are soooo expensive! I think I'll do a bit of scouting around at reviews online and then make a decision.

Thanks for all your advice x
The ones i have , are Salter. I got them from argos, they were about £15, and show up just Weight, in Kg, lbs and Stone. Mine also have like things you put on the bottoms of the scales, so if you are using them on carpet, they still will be accurate as they are raised off the carpet and level. :)
Good Luck


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I don't own a pair of scales...I always weigh myself each week at a friends house otherwise I'd be weighing all the time which I don't think is healthy either! No idea what the make is, but they weigh in lbs and kgs, that's enough for me.. We also weigh in the same place every week on her hard kitchen floor, as moving them about changes our weight.


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