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scan bran

Hi guys
Thinking of getting some scan bran at meeting tonight, can someone tell me which one tastes the best as I know there are two types? How many in a pack? Am I right in thinking 5 is a healthy extra?
Thanks in advance :)

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Where there's a will..... said:
Thanks. Ok so I want at least 2 packs then. Think I'll go for the blue whichever ones they are! Lol. They don't taste too terrible do they?

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On their own, yes.

Smothered with loads of cream cheese/flavoured quark - bearable.

In a cake - almost nice!! X


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Where there's a will..... said:
Lol think I might just start off with a couple a day as I hear they can have quite an effect on your stomach. May break them up and put them into super speed soup or do u think that would be too much of a hit in one go? Lol :)

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Well it's probably trial and error.

I can eat 5 a day all week and have no effect!!

Just plenty of water! X
kingleds said:
Jesus - don't add them to superspeed soup unless you plan to spend all day on the loo!!!
I had a feeling that might be the case. So should probably not have both on same day even! Lol. Thanks for all the replies. I got some at meeting tonight. :)

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Let me know how the curlywurly cake turns out as I was thinking if giving it a go. My OH always has curlywurlys in the fridge, so I can guarantee to have the ingredients necessary.

Hope it's as good as it sounds:)
I tried the curly wurly cake today and found it horrid :( I was soooo looking forward to it too. I much preferred the way I had them yesterday, topped with laughing cow, ham, spring onions, tomatoes and cucumber. I have to say I heart the affect they're having on my innards, I have been, shall we say "bunged up" and they have been my saviour :)
I'm with you on the curly wurly cake. I often think we delude ourselves a bit. Cake made from scan bran just won't taste like proper cake. Just like quark mixed with a choco options ain't chocolate mouse & sw kfc chicken does not taste like kfc!!!
tasted like a mushy chocolate weetabix .. which may be to some peoples tastes (my 4 and 3 yr old ate it) but sadly not to mine. I do however enjoy them as a cracker so it's not all bad :)
scan bran euck taste like sawdust used them in a fruit cake was awful lol good luck xx


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I have used the scan bran in bolognaise, using quorn mince. It was mighty tasty!
OK. May not go with the curly wurly cake then ... not a huge fan of brown mush so this seems less and less appealing. Now that I have the scan bran, I think I'll try 'au naturelle' first and see if they really are as cardboardy as they seem.

If that doesn't appeal, I have some shoes that need resoling, so they may turn out to be ideal for that (as long as it doesn't rain, obviously).

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