Scared to eat.


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Hi all, ive been ss/ss+ since sept and managed to lose nearly 5 stone, ive worked my way up the plans so i could have a break over xmas but now im scared to eat anything that would make me gain too much weight my cdc said to enjoy myself but im constantly thinking im gonna gain loads, is this normal lol. I know im going to gain some weight, and i start back on ss on 2nd Jan but i have just gone down a size in my jeans finally and i dont really want to gain, lol. How can i get over feeling like this and enjoy myself withou feeling guilty all the time over what i eat.
Kel xx
P.S. Merry christmas!!! I hope u all have a great time and may all ur xmas wishes come true xxxxx
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Firstly, huge congratultions on a huge achievement! Secondly, absolutely normal hun, I was convinced as soon as I ate anything I would wake up 5st heavier again! There is no magic answer, it takes time, rest assured you won't gain overnight by eating the odd treat here and there.

Enjoy your Christmas! xx


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Totally out of context here, you look fabulous Porgeous!! Love that dress.


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I know how you feel - I have lost 3 stone and am really worried about the weight gain. I have decded to stay off of booze and to still have my bar in the morning. I am trying to veer towards more protein and veg stuff, altho I am well out of ketosis and need to have a personal sheep dog to stay away from the sugar laden naughties.

Thankfully I am off to my inlaws for a few days - and they dont really DO Xmas. Hopefully the pressure will be off and when I come home just before New Years Eve, there will only be nibbles etc.

Have great fun at your festivities :)