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Scared to go back to WI

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Hey Everyone,

Not been on here for nearly a fortnight (which is not like me!) because I have had a severe blip from the plan. Work is extremely stressful and there's lots of not so nice things going on there at the moment so I came home one night and pigged out on cookies, chocolate etc. Thing is it didn't stop there and it's ended up in a over a week of not exercising and not sticking to plan at all. I'm ready to face the music now but am really dreading going to WI on Monday, one because I've missed a WI already and two because I think I'm going to have a mega gain! I feel so unhealthy, but like I've said I am back on plan properly today.

Just wanted a rant really x
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Hi Victoria, Really sorry to hear work not going well, no wonder you've gone off plan...

But don't beat up on yourself, you're only human hun. We all lapse from time to time. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and draw a line under the last two weeks. Good luck getting with the plan again... You can do it!

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My advice is what has happened is in the past, what you do in the future is what is the important thing. So forget the last week, take yourself off to WI and explain to your leader that its been a tough time (you dont have to go into details with her) and just start again....

Your back on plan thats the important thing so STOP beating yourself up.

Right small lecture complete (I was giving myself the same talking to the other day - we have all been there, its what we do about it thats the important thing):)

Have a good day and fingers crossed a less stressful week for you as well.:):)
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It's no use beating yourself up about it, it's done now & nothing can change it.

Go to WI tomorrow & then all the worrying about 'how big the gain will be' will be over you may be surprised & only have a small gain.

Remember we've all been there & know what you're going through.

Don't let work get you down it's just not worth it, worrying wont change anything.;)
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Thanks everyone! I know we shouldn't beat ourselves up, but we do don't we!? My OH is so supportive, I'm really lucky, he's telling me that too! I will go to WI tomorrow and face the music, the line is officially drawn, it's new week next week! Positive Positive Positive!!

I've missed you guys, thanks for the support!!xx


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I'm in the same situation and have weigh in on Monday. I have decided to just go and accept te consequenses other wise I will never get back on plan
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you may be surprised

hiya, i have been off plan for 12 days cos i went to turkey, almond magnums 2 or 3 a day, i ate anything going. anyway i went to my wi on tuesday last and me who s expecting at a least half a stone back on nearly fell off the scales with shock cos i had only put 1 n half pound back on. well pleased.


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Im in the same situation as you (red my post further down lol!)

Im going to go to wi tomroow with my head held high, accept the gain and start afresh!

If I dont go tommorrow I am not taking responsability for my gain and i need to start to do that in order for me to accept what Im doing and move on!

Good luck for tommorrows weigh in. Myabe we should start a post to compare our gains tomorrow lol???

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Hey Miss G, I've just seen your post and commented the realised you have posted on mine lol, I feel your pain trust me. I am going to have a super duper tough week next week because it's my 30th (wed) OH taking me away to Chester for the night then a meal with parents on saturday so, how I am going to do this?? I thought about putting off WI for another week but that's not an option because I feel RUBBISH, it would only result in me feeling crap for my birthday and another week. I've decided I'm going to have weekly syns, not going over my allowance and have red days when I'm going out for dinner both nights. I think this is do-able, and to still see a loss, do you??
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PS: Come back to me on this thread tomorrow with your WI result and I will post mine - eeek!!!
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It's great that you're going to WI, the longer you put it off the more you could gain and the harder it will be to go back. Besides if you have gained, so what? No one in your group- including your consultant has gone through their weight loss journey without a gain. Sometimes we need to see what the scales say to give us the motivation for the coming week.

Good luck for tomorrow!


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I went completely off plan for about two weeks, simply because I could, and bit the bullet and went to weigh in - over the two weeks I had put on 3lb. Am now back on track (hopefully lol) and should lose this week.

Anyway what I am trying to say is go to weigh in and get it over with then you will know what damage has been done - it may not show on the scales as badly as you imagine - and you can get back on plan and that gain, if any, will be gone in no time.

Sorry that turned into a bit of a ramble.

Good luck with weigh in anyway


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I sympathise totally, I was in the same boat having been off plan for 2 weeks due to a holiday then my birthday, I went to WI and put on 7lbs, the Consultant asked if I was ok with this and I said I was relieved that was all I had put on and this weight loss is a journey and I decided to go on a litte detour !!!
We are back on track, thats the man thing.


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Hey Victoria!

Its definatley doable!!! Im taking it one day at a time!

Will be back on tonight after weigh in to report my gain! Good luck at class, let me know how you get on also!


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Good luck with weigh in :innocent0001:- it may not be as bad as you are expecting, and anyway, the main thing is - your back on track. xx let us know how you get on.
Your consultant definitely wants you back and will do anything to keep you. So talk to her - when you get to class, or ring her in advance, and tell her how you are feeling. Ask if she could just not mention you in class this week, or say something like "we are pleased to see you back" without mentioning that you have gained (if you have).

You are the customer - ask for the help you are paying for.
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Ok everyone, went to WI and gained.... 3lbs which considering what I've eaten isn't "that" bad. So, it's Tuesday morning, it's a new week and also a new plan for me. I've decided I need a shake up (been doing Red/Green) so I'm go all out for Extra Easy!! I'm also getting quite excited about have carbs and meat (plus veg of course!) on the same plate - wohoo!! Have a great week everyone!! xx


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Well........I gained 3lb as well. Big pat on the back to both of us for going and getting weighed though!

Im very determined this week, going to alternate days (even though Im not keen on original days - Im always hungry on them!) and Im going to put a big dent in that 3lb gain next week!



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having reported a 7lb gain last week pleased to report a 7.5 lb loss this week, which just shows thse holiday gains can be quickly lost. Didntdo nything special jus stuck to plan 98%.

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