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Scared to Weigh :(

Morning All,

Well I have been sticking to the plan minus 1 day, but im too scared to weigh.

Its been two weeks and I have yet to get the confidence to jump on the scales. I suffered bullying as a kid regards to my weight and I lost alot but the memories are still there.

I dont know if anyone is like me but I get so nervous to weigh that id rather not know.

Feel like a failure sometimes that I cant even bring myself to jump on those scales..:cry:
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Aww bless you, You'll be fine, you need to weigh yourself so you know how your progressing, you never know you may suprise yourself and all us here will be a support you know matter what. We won't laugh.

I cant keep off the scales I am so obsessed im on it every day which really doesnt help!

Hope you pluck up the courage to do it soon dont be afraid xxxx
You are definitely NOT a failure because you can't bring yourself to weigh in! *hugs*

I think Ali* has some great advice there - if you don't want to weigh yourself, why not get a tape measure and go by inch loss, or just the fit of your clothes? Or perhaps weighing yourself once a month would be more helpful than once a week if it's making you feel stressed out.


Put the kettle on
I drove myself mental weighing myself all the time and now i just stay away from them. Im trying just now to focus on sticking to the plan each day, judging how i feel in myself (always feel better when eating healthy) and judging how my clothes feel. Im weighing in about every two weeks at most.
Way i see it is that i have to learn to eat this way for life to maintain a weight im happy with. To learn to do that i need to teach myself to eat this way regardless of what the fluctuations on the scales are. Probably makes no sense but it how my mind works.
What im trying to say is dont get so hung up on the scales do what you think is best. Focus on making healthy choices xx


Strutting her stuff
Do you have to weigh in? Could you maintain your motivation without seeing the numbers go down each week? If so, then make a conscious decision not to weigh yourself. Or choose to weigh in once a month to take the pressure off. Nowhere is it written that you have to jump on the scales at all! Look for other ways of measuring success be it completing challenges, measurements, dress sizes, fitness levels or something else. :)
There's a lady at our meeting who felt exactly the same as you so you're not alone!

If you go to meetings maybe you could do the same as her - each week the weighing lady moves the weight reader thing so it can't be seen and is just told how much she has lost , without knowing the actual weight. So it keeps her motivated without having any scary figures in front of her :)

Just an idea :)

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