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Hiya all,
I'm on day 7 of the CD and have been watching your progress avidly. I'm overawed by everyone's' first weeks weightloss and really scared that I haven't lost much at all. My scales fluctuate so much sometimes saying as little loss as 3 lbs and then up to 8lbs. Depends what I'm wearing, time of day etc.
I'm so worried my CDC will think I've failed but I have been sticking to this diet completely. I keep seeing weight losses from you guys for the first week as 8lbs upwards - what if she weighs me and I've only lost 2lbs - and it's my first week!
My weigh in is on Friday evening and I can't exactly go in me birthday suit can I!
Help please - feeling down right now and very fat!
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hi hun,
you said it yourself, you're wearing different clothes and weighing yourself at different times in the day. I always got weighed virtually in the buff and first thing after my first wee of the day.

The expected weight loss on ss is approx 1 stone per month, the first week is usually a large one coz of the water that we lose etc..

I'm certain that you'll do brilliantly in your first weigh in. Also, how good are your scales??

Another good point is regarding water intake. I remember a buddy of mine on here saying something like 1 litre of water weighs about 2lb so if you've been glugging away since the morning and you weigh yourself at tea time then your bound to be heavier than tsay the day before when you may have weighed yourself first thing in the morning before any shakes or water.

You'll be fine, honestly, I bet you do really well.

xx sj xx
Dont be a slave to the scales, we all fluctuate, and your scales are more than likely different to the CDCs too!!

Always weigh at the same time due to fluctuations, if you need to be a serial weigher then please always weigh in at the same time in same clothes.

Being a slave to the scales is frightening (well it always is to me!!) I do weigh every day, and always did for the first month of CD, but then I made dh hide the scales and weighed in once per week.

If you are doing the diet correctly then what ever the scales say does not make a difference. The weight will come off, that I guarantee!

I now weigh every day as part of maintenance but even that annoys me sometimes!!!

Whilst on CD my weight would fluctuate by 6lbs every day, I was always 6lbs heavier at night, due to water drinking, I still lost 5st in 4 months!!

You can do this, and if you are on day 7 then be very very proud of yourself x


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S: 26st6lb G: 13st1lb
I didn't weigh myself at all at home, I don't have any scales, I only weigh in at CDC's. The tip that Nicky gave me, don't drink any water for at least an hour before weighing and empty your bladder first. If you've stuck to it religiously, you're bound to have lost a fair bit on day 7. Good luck
Dont be a slave to the scales, we all fluctuate, and your scales are more than likely different to the CDCs too!!
I totally agree here. Plus, i found last time on CD that even if my losses were low, the next week i'd make up for them. Every diet i've tried i've always had a weeks delay. My first week last time i lost 5lb, second week i lost 5lb. It doesnt sound like a lot, but that was 10% of the weight i wanted to lose!

Give your self a chance, your body is undergoing some dramatic changes at the moment. And dont forget:

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
I agree with all the above but there's also another factor to consider ... people who are total carb junkies and who didn't reduce their carbs before starting to SS will have more glycogen stored in their livers - glycogen is what is depleted in the first week so we go into ketosis; and they are the people with the huge week 1 losses.

If you reduce your carb intake the week before you start (as we're meant to) then LESS of week 1's loss will be glycogen so you may lose 6 or 7lb - but the amount of fat you lose is the same as the person who lost 12lb. Does that make sense?
Oh girls - thanks so much for your replies. I think I was having some kind of wobble late last night when I posted this.
I weighed this morning with just a nightie on and the weight loss said 10lbs. HOWever....my WI is tomorrow evening and I'll have me jeans and tops on so bound not to look as good as it did this morning......(maybe I'll put it off till Saturday morning!lol)
Sorry I was such a wimp yesterday. I just lose faith and confidence in myself so easily - years of feeling crap about myself I guess!
Thanks again for your support
we're here to help you up at ever stumble :)

What russiandoll is saying is totally true, i can easily survive without carbs. the only obvious carbs i used to eat were crisps. My glycogen stores were quickly depleted and this time around i was in ketosis on the morning of day 2! We all lose at our own pace, the best thing about this site is that even a 1lb loss is celebrated. Chin up Tansy honey, we're with you ALL THE WAY!xxx

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