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Second week blues

Hi everyone

I am now half way through week 2 of induction, and I just can't face eating! I need to eat, athough I don't feel 'hungry' I am shaky and have all the physical symptoms of needing food... just not the urge.
In fact, the thought of eating anything right now is making me feel physically sick :sigh:
I don't remember feeling like this when I did atkins before (years ago), so I'm insure if this is a 'normal' part of getting used to atkins or if it's something completely unrelated?

Any help and advice would be appreciated. :)

Edit> I tried to force myself to eat something, and after a couple of mouthfulls it made me gag and I couldn't swallow it. :(
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This is really the time!
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Are you getting enough fluids? Are you varying what you eat?

Our bodies can react differently to the same diet. Its hard when we have been ok on a diet before.

Sorry I cannot be of much help x


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I get like that occasionally, try snacking on crunchy things, like pork scratchings?

A little is better than nothing at all....


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I had that occasionally in the first couple of weeks, it passes. I just drank more water, make sure you are getting the required vits in as well panda


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I've had this the last two days as well! It's not exactly pleasant but at least I'm not craving bad things either. Think I'll follow the advice here and get more fluids into me, and maybe take a supplement. Hope you feel better soon!

Hi, thanks everyone.. It is a little easier today, managing to eat.. Im trying for the little and often approach. Glad to know that I'm not alone in this, and I will try and up the fluid intake too.
Overall tho I am feeling great and have lost 7lbs already!


This is really the time!
S: 26st13lb C: 22st7lb G: 13st6lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4st6lb(16.45%)
Well done on the weight loss! :)

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