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Hi everyone!
I was a member of minimins many many years ago (probably 10+ which makes me feel very old!) and found the support really helpful! I've had a horrific few years ending up being hospitalized and diagnosed with PTSD. Not fun. I also gained quite a bit of weight during that time through binge eating, medications of doom etc..

Right now i'm trying to work on my physical and mental health as much as possible, which includes losing weight. I've been doing slim and save for just over a month (previously when I was here I did Cambridge and lighter life so not new to vlcd's) and after a bumpy start am in the zone and 21lbs down (Though last night I dreamed I was cheating!) I've been working on going for short walks daily, which tbh with my anxiety is more of a mental challenge than physical one and also joined healthywage for accountability and extra incentives.

So thats where I am. 30-something. hot mess. Trying. :D