moving on from total solution


So I’ve been on total solution exante since 20th May and I’ve lost 2 stone 6 pounds in this time. I’m slowly beginning to miss the social side of drinking and simply going out for dinner with friends.

A lot of friends and family have asked me to go for a meal and have a few drinks this weekend and I can’t even explain how much I’d love that.
I’m missing actual food too. On Sunday we had a BBQ and I just had a grilled chicken breast instead of a shake and loved it.
Do you think maybe I could start having a low carb meal per day alongside two meal replacements?

In August I plan to stop the replacements as I’m going away for 1 week and only have hand luggage so I’m unable to bring the meals with me. I’ll still eat well and exercise but I’m just not sure if I’ll put on weight, I definitely don’t want that.

Ideally I’d like to lose another 2 stone but I don’t mind if it’s a slower journey from here as long as I get there x