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Second Weigh In =)

and ive lost another 6lbs so thats 13lbs in 13 days :D bf is a bit dissapointed he lost a stone the first week and his scales showed over half a stone loss this week but turns out its only 4lbs :( but then me and him weighed outselves at home and it says again that hes lost alot more than that and it said id lost a teeny bit more so something is wrong?! lol but im happy its a good loss :D ooo got water flavourings today sooo yummy and got 4 bars and the mix a mousse lol cant wait to try those :D:D hope everyone is ok and enjoying their weekend xxxxx
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Cambridge Consultant
Well done Kate thats fantastic you are both doing great... Dont drive yourself mad with different scales just go by your cdc's ones..
Matt is doing fab too....
Well done to you both.. heres to another great week ahead x


is back to finish the job
Kate, my scales weigh me lighter than my cdc's too. I just go by her's now, but secretly think of my weight in mine!

I have 2lb to go before losing the magical 1st stone - next week will be our week!!
thanks curly :D and no we are just going to take note of her scales :) and yesssssss shopaholic next week it will be gone! xxxx
my councellor lets me use my own scales to weigh myself in the morning:) great cos i know exactly where i am then!
i still use mine cos they say the same as hers just wierd about the 4lbs diff for the bf and not for me lol
Congratulations Kate+Matt!!!

SNAP on the 13lbs loss in 2 weeks!! Had my second weigh in today as-well!!! took me a wee minute to stop dancing around from excitement!! HEHE!!

Hope we all have more fab weigh ins!!

yayyy well done us and everyone :D just think, next week we WILL have lost that final lb and hopefully more! :) xxx
Hope soooooo!! i don't weight in officially for 2 weeks as my CDC is away on a long weekend next week........but im sure i will manage a sneaky weigh in at home!!! (and every day until then!!) LOL!!

hehehe me too, will be nice to see 15 stone something again, i know still loads to go its all in my head but seeing as i started a 17 stone something it makes it seem like a bigger thing, ya know?!
Its just great being able to see the stone below!! such a motivation!!! i've 6.5 lbs until i can see 14 something!!! cant wait to see 13 stone 7lbs cause i'll know i'll be at where i managed to get to last time i did CD and then the real challenge for me will start for continuing!! Dreaming of seeing 12 stone something!! that'll be a FAB feeling for me!! Its so exciting!!
yeah :D i weighed this morning and am dead on 16stone now :) the lowest i have managed was a few years ago when i was 14 i got to 11 stone, and thats my target this time but i think i would really like to get to 10 n half ish maybe 10 omg 10 stone :O i would be soooo happy if i could get there!
yes the 15'ssssssss scales now say im dead on 16 oooo :) ty lin x
thank you bmthsue :D your doing amazing cant wait to get my first month "under my belt" :p
not yet! grr then again all i really have are big clothes lol so im ognna be stuffes when i do start gettin smaller!

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