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See! Should've lost a stone by now!!!


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id be writing to them and complaining i dont use ultraslim but you never know anyone using it may get a freebie lol
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Eeeek, that's really bad! :rolleyes: people should definitely get complaining!
I think (in good jest and fun) i can have a i told you so moment here.

I posted that i thought the calories were wrong over three weeks ago shows that i was right.

I must admit that even that i was taking into account that the shakes were 207 calories each my weight loss was under 0.5lb per week using them .

Since swapping to maxitone (which is much higher in protein and alot less carbs) i have lost on average 2-3lb a week!

Just shows that you need to double check the nutritional inforamtion on everything.

For example i used to eat asda ready meal chilli con carne which was less than 5% fat per 100g and 600 calories (ish) they repackaged it and suddenky it had 8% fate per 100g and the calories had gone up to a whopping 850 (ish).
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some of the comments on the bottom really p*ssed me off on that article. obviously "perfectly skinny people who dont have an ounce of fat on them" and would never have need to use such a product! idiots


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sorry but even at 205 cals she should still have lost weight i have and i love the strawberry utra slim thats my main drink oh that and cafe latte have now adjusted my app :)


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I agree with peanuts, even at 205 calories, thats still equal to other low cal meal replacements so shouldn't have effected loosing weight?


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This lady was on Watchdog last night... trying to burn off the extra calories... lol

We are only talking an extra 75 calories per shake... what's that - a medium banana?!


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i agree the lady above DID post a while back about the actual calories in the shake and also on fitness pal someone has updated the calories intake so i have been putting the cals for the shake as 205- 207 aswell.


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How are you finding the Maxitone stuff?
Does it taste OK? Is it filling? Do you just take a multivitamin to make up for that?

I have seen them, and thought I might try them, but they're a lot more expensive than slimfast aren't they, so I don't want to make a mistake!
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I agree with peanuts and flowerfairy, around 207 is the normal amount of calories in a meal replacement so surely it's not possible for her not to have lost if she was following it properly. At the correct calorie value it's still only a 1,300 calorie diet.


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Looking for compo me thinks! Oh well, she got a tenner, thats a few shakes on tesco! Either that or she was soooo cheating!
Naughty tesco though, they should've sorted it out sooner.
Agree about the comments, way out of line and obviously left by people who have never been overweight! Think my doctor may have written some of them, sounds just like him!!!!

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