Seeing CDC tonight... but today...


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I'll be starting CD tomorrow, but I'm impatient, and so want to know that I'm doing something now! Today I've had two weektabix, and then a Slim Fast for lunch, and I'm planning on having one for dinner and that's that today!

Is this a good idea? I know Slim Fast doesn't have the full nutrients that I need, but thought it might be an idea just to get me started on the 'fasting' part of the diet.
Does anyone have any advice or opinions.
Hello Sparkle
Well done you love your enthusimun :)
Cutting down in any way or form is a good idea,but as good as slimfast is it hasnt got the nutriants of CD,but your going great guns if you can do this before tomorrow.Im no expert here I have done CD it does work so good luck in your siccessful journey
i was advised to cust back on carbohydrates, you might need to check the content in a slimfast, its a good idea to cut down before starting, i done a week of 790, 3 shakes and eve meal of 175g chicken and 3 tbs veg, it helps stop the headaches and dizzyness. speak to your CDC and see what they think is best for you tomorrow.

Good luck.