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Self sabotage

Hi guys, I'm now on what I probably the 100th restart of this diet. I've lost 3.5 stone on LL and it was a breeze. This diet I've lost a stone and gained a stone more times than I care to mention. Why do I do this to myself?! I'm so so unhappy as I am. I have all these lovely size 12 clothes that don't fit and I live in the same pair of jeans and a couple of tips I have. I feel so stupid as its only bloody food and I have a choice but it's as if I have no control (which is just ridiculous!). I don't know what response I'm looking for here tbh. Maybe just confirmation that I'm not alone in this battle!
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you sound exactly like me.... I've been doing this diet on and off since 2008. lose a stone, then i give up.. I always seem to mess up at the final stage, or just before an event or something... trying to figure out why... like now I have been on cambridge for 4 weeks and just had 5 days off, went mad- ate carbs galore!!! and the scales showed 7lbs !!!!!!! I have a holiday in 2 weeks and always start to mess things up abit closer. Im just getting back on track after those 5 days and kept telling myself what are you doing!!!. trying to stay so motivated to not mess up in the next 2 weeks. (its not just a holiday, haven't seen my boyfriend for a few months because of our jobs).

I think i end up putting back on because of stress. Ever since I started cambridge its been a stressful few years. so once i'm at goal, i need to figure a way that if things are getting on top of me food isn't going to help, it makes it 10 times worse for what? the sake of a few minutes eating the food.

Good luck, just think how fast you can be in those size 12 clothes, i just had a clothes trying on session, some of the things I've not worn for ages look good. I started at 13.4 about a month ago now 12.3. Desp to get under 12 in 2 weeks. i'm 5.10 so i'll be happy around 11.7
oh, I feel your pain. I've gutted out my thin wardrobe, my fat wardrobe, my never wear that again whatever wardrobe but what did spur me on was at the last clear out i had 16 pairs of jeans or trousers that didn't fit including several pairs of newly bought never been worn. I was so short of clothes, and we dont have much spare cash, so whatever it is just clicked and I got my head in the zone, lost 26lbs very quickly but have piddled about whilst off work. Head back in the zone for my WI tomorrow.

Good luck on your journey

M x


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I sympathise - I lost 6 stones on CD then put it all back on when I got annoyed at someone and turned to food.
I'm back on CD again and determined to lose 10 stones. I am going to succeed this time. If I fall off at any point I am not going to kick myself and am just going to have my cd pack for my next meal and keep going.

I also keep telling myself these two quotes,

"You can't control other people's actions but you CAN CONTROL YOUR OWN REACTIONS"

"If hunger isn't the problem, then food isn't the answer."

Good luck with staying on track!
Does anyone else have trouble with picking at stupid things? I have a one year old son and I keep picking at his leftover treats or dinners!! Only a mouthful or so but I just can't help myself! :mad: what's wrong with me? I'm just too greedy for my own good :cry:


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I think that everyone on this forum has been and still are in that yoyo place! so you are not alone at all.

Everytime I have dieted before, I have lost no more than half a stone, and end up slipping as I was not ready to, something is different this time, but who knows, I could fall at the 7lb hurdle.

People say when the time is right, and to be honest I am a beliver in that, the problem is, is that I always think that its the time lol.

Good Luck Lisa x

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