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self sabotage

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by jaxmummy, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. jaxmummy

    jaxmummy Silver Member

    why do i do this to myself. I started the year full of enthusiasm, week 1 lost 4lb and since then ive struggled. I plan really well, i get stuff out of the freezer for teas but the last couple of days after 3pm i have just binged on crap. I have a really busy shift work job and a young family at home. I cannot turn to my hubby or mum as both are fed up of me banging on about sw and this is the time, ive said it so many times they just dont listen. I know it works, i know i need to do this and i know its a lifestyle change so why can i not do more than a week on plan without blowing it. Does anyone else get like this and how do i overcome it - help
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  3. samsmum1

    samsmum1 Silver Member

    Hi Hun u could be me! I started (again!) on 1st Jan and lost 4 and a half last week but am verging on a chocolate binge! I'm 49 with a four year old and work in the evening so I don't get to bed til after midnight . I've also been diagnosed with an underactjve thyroid so am exhausted all the time which makes me want sweet stuff! I've been eating fruit to stave off the sweet cravings but it's not cutting it at the moment! I gave up Weightwatchers cos I ended up spending all my pro points on chocolate and think that SW automatically limits this,it's the limit I have a problem with! Sorry I don't have the answer but try a Shape yogurt they,re sweet without being tasteless and runny like horrible muller lights! Good luck!
    Sal x
  4. jaxmummy

    jaxmummy Silver Member

    Thanks Sal, i did that on weight watchers too haha! my problem is on the surface all is well, i plan for the week, i get the stuff out of the frezzer and eat it. Then its like a red mist descends and i just think sod it and i eat anything i can get my hands on
  5. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    Hiya, I'm not doing SW, but having done so many diets before now and sabotaging myself like you describe, I'm now looking at the emotional and mental side of my eating habits. I'd thoroughly recommend this to anyone regardless of what plan they're on!

    Have a think about what's going on when you go off plan. Could you be eating because you're tired, stressed or fed up? I'm mum to a 9 month old and work full time shifts and I've come to realise that I've been putting myself at the bottom of the list for a long time. I've been reluctant to give up my beloved junk 'treats' because they were they only thing I had that was for me. This week I've been making more time fr myself, even if it's just to relax with a book or paint my nails and I'm binging less already because I've got something else to enjoy other than food.

    Sorry about the long ramble! But I really do believe this kind of behaviour is less about the diet and more about how we're thinking and feeling.
  6. Browsie

    Browsie Silver Member

    Hi I totally agree with MrsCC.

    It's about the way you think. Whenever I am tired, angry etc then I will binge blaming whoever it was that had upset me 'that will show them'. Well no it won't show them, it will make me more miserable, it will mean that I feel even worse and know to expect 'another' gain at weigh in which in turn makes me not want to go and if I'm not going to weigh in this week then I might as well eat some more!!

    When you feel the urge to binge acknowledge the feeling and say to yourself 'I am not hungery, this will be emotional eating, I can do something else to make myself feel better' Then go for a walk, paint your nails have a bath or even a 10 min power nap. I'm not saying it's easy, believe me I know but you have to be completely honest with yourself once your brain is on your side the weight will drop off.
  7. taylorwantstobetrim

    taylorwantstobetrim Full Member

    I'm probably not much help but I've been overweight for over 10 years now. I've attempted diets in the past but always gave up quickly and I have always been an emotional binge eater.
    Over the last year I have psychologically dealt with my issues and problems and made peace with myself, throughout that time I put my weight to the back of the queue. Since then I was referred to slimming world via my GP.
    Now that I feel my head is in the right place and a mindset more focused on myself I have been successful in tackling my weight problems and overcoming my binge eating. I have now lost 2st 1lb in 14 weeks and the new psychological changes in me are even greater. More confidence and happiness, so much so that I started my body magic this week.
    I suppose all I'm saying is that although our weight is the issue on the outside, it is not always on the inside.
    It's taken me a long time to be ready to tackle my weight in a serious and determined way and after a period of time dealing with the mental side of things I am at a point in my life where I know I can lose the weight for good to complete my journey over all.

    Apologies if I'm just rambling and being unhelpful x
  8. jaxmummy

    jaxmummy Silver Member

    Not being unhelpful at all in fact it makes sense. Thank you x

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