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Sell it to me!!!


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Im an ex-CD'er too....6 stone 6lbs down with SW...need I say any more?!
Go to a class, come on here and ask any questions that you need to...we are here to advise and support too!

Good luck!!


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S: 18st1.6lb G: 10st10lb
I've lost 5 1/2 st in just over a year and a half with SW.

It is a way of life now and soooooo easy to incorporate into your daily living. I make meals that I love that you would not think were 'diet' just by making minor adjustments. My husband and 2 yr old eat the SW way because it's healthy!

miss jelly tot

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Hi hels how was the holiday? I'll PM you in a bit. Think you may just need to go for it x


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Hello TT my lovely!

Im stull ummming and arrrhhing over this so am gonna just have to bite the bullet.

My SW group is on a Wednesday, so Ill be there. In the mean time Ill try to not pig out thnking Im starting a fresh on Wednesday.

Thanks all, some great inspiration!


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I'm an ex-CD-er and dearly wish I'd started with SW 2 years ago instead of cambridge.

To put it simply, I've lost 8.5 pounds in 3 weeks on SW, about the same rate of loss I was getting with CD, but with the one HUGE difference - I'M EATING!! And eating so much you wouldn't believe it!

And the classes are great. Image Therapy is really great at bolstering your confidence and discovering new ways of adapting the diet to your life. INSTEAD of adapting your life to the diet.

NO MORE: putting your life on hold while on CD
NO MORE: Not being able to have the odd glass of wine or G&T
And, the clincher for me..
NO MORE: Denying yourself chocolate - I have some chocolate EVERY DAY!!

Really, this SW lark, its a no-brainer. Beats CD hands down.

DO IT!!! :D
What other slimming plan can you have a full English breakfast with sausages, bacon, beans, fried egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast and still be on your diet? I love SW :D

Fry up? On a diet? Seriously?!!

I joined sw last week and had my 1st WI today...i lost 3½lbs!!!
Amazing i have eaten bread,pasta+potatoes and havent weighed one single thing all week..

That's a fab loss in a week, especially if you've been eating carbs. I can't believe you can have an all you can eat carb day on a diet!

I'm biased about EE cos I've lost 29lbs in 18 weeks on it!

That's an amazing weight loss Judi, and about the amount that I want to lose. it's good to know it could only take until Xmas/New Year to do it. I could start 2010 as a skinny ninny!

Im an ex-CD'er too....6 stone 6lbs down with SW...need I say any more?!

WOW Mrs V, just WOW. Fabtastic weight loss, well done!

I'm so glad I came upon this thread. I've been trying to decide between Weight Watchers and Slimming World and I think you guys may have just sold Slimming World to me :D


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S: 77.11kg C: 64.5kg G: 56.25kg BMI: 26 Loss: 12.6kg(16.35%)
Not long now, Wednesday morning. I would have liked to have been able to have gone to the group on the evening, and with out children, but its not do able. Would have been so nice to have made an evening of it.

Thanks for all your inspiration!


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SW is the easiest plan i have ever followeed and i think staying to group has made it much easier than if i was just going to wi and leaving as a lot of people seem to do.

once you've read the books (this is essential as i'm amazed at how many newbies at my group don't read them and then say they've not got their reads round it!)

staying to group is bril because if you have a question about somethign ur unsure about u can ask it and i bet 2 or 3 other people where thinking the same thing, some someone might ask the same question as youi, you also get to find out bthinks you wouldn't. you get you sucesses celebrated and help and understanding when its going whrong.

good luck xxxx

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All I can add is that this is the only "diet" I have ever followed simply because I don't see it as a diet, simply a way to live the rest of my life, you go to an evening class to learn how to swim or dance, or learn a new language or how to use a computer, SW is teaching me how to life a healthy life with a balanced diet, that I can stick with forever :)
Can't rep you squiddie - need to spread it around. What a fantastic way of looking at it, as a class to learn how to eat healthily for the rest of your life.


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Go for it, took me ages to work up the courage to go to a group but now i love it. Everyones very freindly and supportive, if you gain noone makes a big deal over it and it works. It can be a bit confusing at first but its easy to get a grip on it once you get going.