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Selling my two weeks & 3 days supply of Lipotrim for €90

I lasted sadly till the 4th day and I couldnt go on. I purchased my 3 weeks supply in UK, Mixture of Chicken soup, Choc, Vanilla & strawberry shakes. Didn't sadly have the will power, I got them as I feel I have 1/2 stone to loose, but when push came to shove I lost the will at the end of day 4, didnt help i had halloween party i had to dress up and go to (I needed a lil dutch courage!)
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irish molly

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Why not hold on to them and have a rethink about doing it again. You can do it, you just have to make your mind up to it and go for it.
I prep- talked myself all the way to begining and through the first few days, My porr husbad (of only 2 months - far too early to release all the crazy lol) listened to me moan and b**tch and cry I was so weak in the morns I just couldnt deal with it. I really credit those who can but i just don't think I could go through them 1st 4 days again and I certainly can't put him through it! I know such a defeatist attitude! But going back to the WW - did it before the wedding and had brill results, Just thought i could handle the Lipotrim but I was wrong :( hunger wise i was finr I was just weak as a kitten :(


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I know such a defeatist attitude!
Yup. Fair enough you felt weak but many people do for a week or so until your body adjusts to such an extreme diet.

But it is your choice.

I dont agree with you saying you 'needed' dutch courage to attend a party and i hope you fully got yourself out of ketosis before drinking alcohol as its so so dangerous.

Good luck with ww :)

Oh and i dont think your actually allowed to sell your shakes on here ....
sorry you couldn't do it hun.its not for some people.

your not allowed to sell your shakes.i know coz i tried a while ago x

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