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Foo Fan

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Hi All

Just wondering what you all use for 'constipation'? :ashamed0005:

I took 2 Senokot on Fri (nothing happended Sat morning...)

I took another 2 on Sunday (again nothing happened Monday morning...)

Today is Wednesday and I've had 'no movement' for about 12 days? Usually Senokot does the trick...

Any advise??
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Hey not sure about senokot as have not used it but I had lactulose here which I give to the kids if ever they are consitpated and it did the trick for me.. Its such a horrid feeling when your constipated I havent had it much twice whilst Ive being doing cd but its horrid..

Hope that helps x
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Foo Fan - i have been the same took 1 Dulcolax 5 days ago nothing took one again last night nothing ... i know if your passing wind then it's okay no blackage as such ... i know drinking water can help but i am drinking the required amount might top up today

here's hoping it works soon it's horride isn't it !
S: 12st2lb C: 12st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
also i heard Suppositories were good to use so i am ordering some today just incase !


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I would second Lactulose, Senna i would not recommend at all as it may affect the long term function of the bowel as its a stimulant laxative, whereas lactulose is a stool softener.




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I had some discomfort last week and I took Dulcolax. Took 2 each time, and it took 2 lots to have an effect, but it DID have an effect!

All fine now. I am now taking Fibre 89 every day as suggested by KD.


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I've only been properly constipated once on CD, and I did take Senokot (or 'Senna' tablets, the cheaper alternatives from SuperSavers). I took a couple at night, and next day everything was OK again! ;)

I always find drinking a couple of hot drinks in succession also seems to help (especially in the morning).

I personally find Lactulose too 'fierce' (I seem be on the loo for ages about five minutes after taking it!). But like anything else, it's whatever suits you!
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I take dulcolax, the first time I took 2 and was fine the next day (but I hadn't been for ages as the sennakot hadn't worked), now I take one every 2 days and everything is fine.

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