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  1. Nicynoo

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    I am 28 and I am currently on the Exante diet. I am finding it sooooo hard to 'live' while on this diet and i have fallen off the wagan since friday so I am thinking of starting a more normal healthy eating plan with exercise. I need to lose a good 9-10 stone which is a mammoth task. I would like to lose 3 stone by August as we are going abroad to see my husbands family. He has 5 brothers, 2 of which married to slim beautiful women. I dont want to be the only fat wife. I know losing 3 stone won't make me slim but at least I will feel better...

    I am looking for buddies who could support me and whom I could give support to as well. People that will challenge each other and be held accountable to each other.

    Lets make this fun and long lasting guys. Men and women welcome!!!
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  3. MaccaMarsh

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    Hi Nicynoo! :wavey:
    Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your current plan, I really can't comment as I've never done anything other than Slimming World because I just know it's the thing that will work and ultimately be sustainable for me. Our starting stats are almost identical, and I lost a stone a month on SW for about the first four months I think, so your 3 stones by August is definitely doable if you want it enough. I know 9-10 stones must feel like a big ask, I remember that feeling. Your August target is a great start to get you focussed, and just think, by the time you get there you'll be a third of the way to where you need to be!

    At the moment I'm happy with where I am, where I'm going and the support I have around me, but I'll be happy to check in on you and see how you're going. I really can relate to what you're trying to achieve so I wish you heaps of luck and willpower and will be happy to help along the way wherever I can!
  4. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    im here love for support if you need it x x
  5. Nicynoo

    Nicynoo Member

    Aww thank you ladies!! It would be great to have the support. I am thinking to to back to Slimming World as the only reason I stopped going is because I had no one to go with. This Exante diet I am doing is really hard and I actually did enjoy having the support of a group.... Not sure yet though. I am battling with the idea of either having a quicker loss with Exante or being about to have food with Swimming World... What do you think?

    How have you been today?
  6. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    I think that coming back to SW will help you to learn about eating well. How to manage your eating even when your social life takes over. How to eat for life, for health and for your future.

    I've never contemplated a VLCD and that lack of "food" and the transition from VCLD to "normal" eating would terrify me. SW is eating normally.
  7. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    Another SW member here. Happy to help x
  8. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    i do calorie counting but i agree with the girls with sw i use there meals and just work out the calories

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