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Seriously - Quark???

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by MrsDetermined, 23 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined Better drink that water!

    Will I ever like it?
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  3. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    Does it matter? Why force yourself you eat something if you don't like it and there are other things to use in its place?
  4. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined Better drink that water!

    I love soft cheese though, what else is there that I can joy freely?
  5. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    I'm pretty strong in my belief that just because your on a diet, such as it is, doesn't mean you need to eat foods that are tasteless or that you don't enjoy.

    Extra light soft cheese is quite low in syns - only something like 2.5 syns for 28g - and you get a fair amount in an ounce. If I remember rightly there is also a Lidl soft cheese that is syn free but I'd need to go and check that out. It also depends what you want to use it for. Sometimes a laughing cow triangle or babybel light does the job and they are low in syns.
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  6. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    Basic/Non Branded Foods Cheese, basic, Soft cheese, low fat, eg Philadelphia Extra Light 28g

    [​IMG] Original 2 Syns [​IMG] Green 2 Syns

    Not free but even lower and maybe worth a try

    Lidl Linessa, Low Fat Soft Cheese, Light, 0.2% Fat 28g

    [​IMG] Original 1 Syns [​IMG] Green 1 Syns
  7. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined Better drink that water!

    THanks for your help circles. :)
  8. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Yuck, Quark. Iv given it more than a few trys.. sorry its gag worthy!
  9. Lynne2809

    Lynne2809 Full Member

    I have a little bit of quark spread on half a bagel with sliced fruit on the top. The fruit distracts from the taste of the quark and it saves using your syns on low fat spread. But saying that though I like the taste of quark.
  10. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined Better drink that water!

    Fern, you make me giggle :)
  11. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined Better drink that water!

    what else can i do with it?
  12. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    I am planning to make lasagne tomorrow and try it for the topping with some l/f grated cheese on top-let you know how it goes.
    HAve had it before on granary bread with smoked salmon and it was nice enough
  13. slinkydreams

    slinkydreams Full Member

    I thought I hated Quark too, I had only ever used it as a savoury food. However, yesterday I mixed it with loads of sweetener and orange zest and used it as a cake topping - was much nicer
  14. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    I use quark all the time. Never on it's own but in cooking and baking. It's always in my quiche, lemon meringue, mashed potatos, lasagne and I could go on and on. Always have a tub or 3 in my fridge.
  15. gill g

    gill g Full Member

    wow Malaika, i have a tub in my fridge thats waiting to be used i dont mind it, maybe ill make a lemon meringue, sounds lovely.
  16. strawberryblonde

    strawberryblonde Full Member

    hi , i also added sweetener to some last night but it was the brown sugar type. had it over some oven baked plums with a sprinkle of said sugar. It was moorish. Also had it in a sweet potato today and it was passable. May have put too much in tho'.
  17. minn_82

    minn_82 Full Member

    I really dont mind when mixed with something, though I couldnt eat it out of the pot with a spoon, its too bland.
  18. Mushy Peas

    Mushy Peas Member

    I used quark for my lasagne tonight (I cant stand the stuff normally, too sour for me), I whisked it with some water, salt,pepper and cheese (HE) to make it into the white sauce and it was syn free and fantastic!
  19. Lauripop

    Lauripop Member

    I'd never even heard of quark until today when I saw it in a recipe for carbonara.

    I bought some but haven't used it yet.
  20. Magsandnellie

    Magsandnellie New Member

    Delicious low syn puds with quark

    I use Quark a LOT for puddings.

    One of my favourites is a meringue nest, covered with forest fruits (frozen ones are great), plenty of sweetener, and then top with Quark. For an extra treat, add another meringue next on top. Scrummy.
    And at 2.5 syns (of 5 if using 2 meringue nests), you feel you've had a really good pudding.

    You can have a syn free pudding by 'mashing' strawberries or any other fruit, with lots of sweetener and quark - again, just delicious.
  21. schnad

    schnad New Member

    I have grown up with Quark and it's dead cheap where I come from (30 p for 500g). I like it with fruit of all kinds. Mix the Quark with a bit of skimmed milk (for 500g about 100ml) which improves the consistency or mix yogurt (same amount) in it, add fruit, sweetener and some vanilla powder to taste and off you go...yummy...

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