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Sexy, if I do say so myself!

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by katalena, 16 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

  2. Avatar

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  3. Looby Lew

    Looby Lew Well-Known Member

    ooh la la .......:flirt2:
  4. slendablenda

    slendablenda Well-Known Member

    Sexy Minx :flirt2:
  5. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    loving it!!

  6. daisydoll

    daisydoll Well-Known Member

    how strange....i have just had a text through inviting me to an ann summers party in january might have to get myself a pair!
    daisy x
  7. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I bought the full set - top & bottoms! It is lush! ;)

    Ann Summers have a new catalogue coming out in January which I got to have a nose at!

    Even better they are re-doing their sizes. Instead of doing items in 10-12, 14-16 and so on, items will be individually sized! Fab!

    Kat xx
  8. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot Is back in the saddle!

    They have 3 4 2 on some bras at the mo in the shops too.
  9. daisydoll

    daisydoll Well-Known Member

    i love the camis and supported babydolls as they hide all my stretch marks and put my boobsback where they should be, lol!
    daisy x
  10. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    That link is blocked for me at work so I can't view it, but clearly it must be something VERY nice! LOL

    And if it's from Ann Summers, of course your man is going to love it :D
    but only because it's you who is wearing it :)
  11. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    lol Daisy yeah I know what you mean. I really like the matching cami too! It may be something to look into for the new year too!

    I got some lovely underwear in Next & Matalan yesterday as well FT. It is funny how your body continues to change even when the weightloss slows right down!

    Pete lol It is gorgeous ;)

    Kat xx

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