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Shake experiment


Says it as it is!!!
After re watching the pharmacy video again last night i have decided to do an experiment.
Since starting LT i have split my shakes down ( as i did not watch the video before start) ...My losses have been ok, but i am wondering if i was to have my shakes just a 3 meals would it make them bigger?
So for the next 2 weeks i am only going to have 3 shakes a day (no flapjacks ekkk) and see if my losses are better!
I think along with that i should have lots of early nights lol so i dont get the urge hehe
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Thats what i do just 3 a day but im only just starting my 2nd week its worth a go im going to watch this space.


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Dont know how you eat them flapjacks Nic!!!!! They are just vile!! I only like the shakes!! Im really into Vanilla at the mo but it changes every couple of weeks!!
It's my WI today....and its my TOTM approaching so im a bit worried. Will post my loss later xxx


I've got the power
Hi Nic, good idea! I found that what times I had the shakes seemed to make a difference to my losses also. When I was having them at regular intervals (breakfast time lunch time etc), my losses were on the smaller side, but as soon as I started mixing the times around the losses got 1-2 pounds bigger at a time.
So maybe try having them at different times?

Good luck!



Says it as it is!!!
Thanks for that SW - I will try that!
Rhian - GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR WI XXX Flapjacks are sooooo nice lol i have one a day normally so i am really going to miss them boo hoo
please give e tip on how to enjoy the flap jacks . as soon as l put one in my mouth my jaw loccks' he he he he . lm surprised since l like peanuts lol.
I really want to try these flap Jacks. (just even for a different taste!) I'm going to ask at my next weight in!!


Says it as it is!!!
please give e tip on how to enjoy the flap jacks . as soon as l put one in my mouth my jaw loccks' he he he he . lm surprised since l like peanuts lol.
Maybe you need to wait a few weeks hun...until your tastebuds change..i always eat mine with a nice coffee and a pint of water..tbh i liked them from the outset...i for some reason, crave thier salty taste ?? But then again i have been told i am nuts lmao:D:D
My chemist also said its better to have the shake in one go rather than splitting it as i told him i find it difficult to finish it in one go so i split my sachets in half. (Except if i'm having a mousse for dinner then i have it in one go - its so yummy coz i make it and then freeze it for a bit).

I love the flapjacks too! Pity we're allowed only one a day..

Nic - why are you sticking to just shakes for the week - do we lose more with the shakes (sorry if its a dim question).



Says it as it is!!!
I am just trying different things hun to see what results i get i am doing 2 weeks of just shakes and in 3 meals...then i am going to try splitting them down again and then adding a fj ... suppose its just something to keep my mind occupied...but i would love to see if there was a wi difference too
after some time now l have changed to CD couldnt stand LP shakes esp the flapjacks but l guess its just the same concept shakes shakes shakes good luck LIPOtrimers . lm still visiting your site cz l love reading stories


Says it as it is!!!
Hi lii... i also changed to CD yesterday x x good luck on returning xxx
GD luck to u too nic/ lm loving the variety and now l cant stand LP shakes cz l wanted to finish em cz l had some left. had to chuck em out.
but hey keep in touch

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