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shake question


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I use the blade attachment on a hand blender rather than the whisk, seems to do the trick.


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Sounds like you might need something with a bit more umph than your electric whisk.

Like Mocha and Eclipse, I use the blade attachment on my electric hand blender which (I think) is a Braun and packs 600W.

What make is your whisk and how many Watts is it?


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wow thanks for the fast replys.

not sure what make my mixer is, but i have a hand blender too. will dig that out and give it ago.

i love most flavours of the shakes just struggled getting tthe bits down lol.

thanks again for the help, off to find the hand blender xx
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I'm the same .. I use the blender rather than a whisk .. the whisk just seems to push it around rather than break it up.

Water first is best to stop the powder clumping to the sides of the jug; I dump all the powder in in one go and then blend for a good 30-40 seconds.
I use a proper blender thing lol not the hand held ones, one with a jug ect lol its great :) no lumps so far! And makes me frothy lol
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I use the CD shaker- a good work out for your arms as well!
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I also use the CD shaker and i have a metal ball inside which when u shake it helps blend the mix. worked well for me so for xx

and it is a fab work out for the arms bingo wings disappearing lol but hard to find the energy to shake sometimes lol xx


please try again
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i use either a shaker with the grid thingy in it or a shaker with the metal whisk ball in it

yep it takes effort to shake em but i count it as exercise.
and if im tired then i get my otherhalf to do it for me, lol


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thanks for the replys

might get a shaker tomorrow at wi, roughly how much are they so i can take plenty of money with me x


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I bought a shaker from Boots ages ago. I just put everything in and shake really hard for about a minute and it does the job really well. No lumps at all.


please try again
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i got my grid ones from holand and barrats for about £3 and i got 2 metal ball ones for £7 the two

think the cd shakers are £5


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Discount supplements (online or ebay) do shakers for £1.50 ish inc postage!! I have 3 and they are great. They post really fast too.


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Hi, well done for persevering despite the lumps!! I cannot abide them and would rather go hungry!!
What works for me is a proper blender (with jug and base etc) and i add 250 mls water, the sachet and give it a quick whizz, then add almost an entire tray of ice and whizz for about a min. It is noisy as hell, but when it goes quiet you know its done! That will then give me about a pint of thick icy shake a bit like a cross between a slush puppy and a McDonalds milkshake ( sort of ;-) ) and it lasts for ages.
If you don't have a blender and intend to do Cambridge for a while I would def invest in one, or beg, borrow or steal!!!
Hope that helps,
happy blending!!!
Katy x

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