Shake that weight.

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  1. mummyto5

    mummyto5 New Member

    Starting weight. 21st & 11 1/2 lb :-(

    Started taking Shake that weight shakes. Tried the Banana & caramel shakes so far, saving the chocolate ones for night time.

    Hoping to add measurements later.

    I obviously need to lose weight for my health and for being a fitter mummy to my 5 children and to my Husband

    Losing weight is a must!!!

    Tried the chocolate one, it was alright.
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  3. mummyto5

    mummyto5 New Member

    Day two went well. Same shakes and lower cal meal.

    Day 3 I feel a bit sick, but not hungry. On Thursday is our 10th wedding anniversary so might treat ourselves to a slightly higher cal and carb meal lol. But Thursday is also weigh in day looking forward to seeing a loss of weight.
  4. mummyto5

    mummyto5 New Member

    made a ticker now

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