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shakes and soups?



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its hard to advise on this one becuase its a lot of personal choice.

I know some people hate the soups becuase they can come up as bieng quite chalky, but i LOVE the chicken and mushroom soup and the oriental chilli one!
My favourite shakes are the butterscotch, banana, strawberry, choc-mint and plain choc!
I'm not a fan of the choc-orange :(
I only have the apple and cinnimun (sp?) porridge, but even then i'm not a big fan!
I havent had the bars/tetripacks so cant coment on those!

Its a bit of trial and error but and good CDC should be willing to swap those that you dont like.
Personally, i would buy 1/2 additional just in case you dont like one and need to replace it! lol
hth and welcome along! Its great! :)
Hi this is my second week, but I would suggest that you try most of the flavours and don't get many of each then if you don't like them you don't have many. I do however like the chocolate orange shake and the leek and potato soup x
What Lizz said! ^^ It IS all done to personal preference, I love the broccoli and cheese soup but many, many others have posted on these forums that it is awful! I liked porridge to start with then went totally off them completely. One tip I have, if you can't stomach black coffee, make sure you have plenty of vanilla shakes, and add just enough of one to a coffee and whisk like mad, makes a nice latte. That seems to help me keep going. Also make sure you have plenty of curry powder, chilli, fresh herbs (but not garlic or salt) and add to your soups, I do this and my soups have a lot more 'zing' and flavour to them. Lizz, what does hth mean please? xxxx


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The oriental chilli is delicious! Most like a real, natural soup in my opinion.
Not keen on the spicy tomato though.


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Definately get more than you need, I didn't and there was one of the soups that I couldn't stomach so only had 2 packs that day. My CDC lives 30 miles away but if yours is closer to you then I'm sure you could go round mid-week and swap any unopened ones you don't like. I went off the soups completely and have shakes and bars now(bars not allowed till week 3), the original porridge is OK but I find the apple and cinamon too sweet.
thanks angela xx


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ohhhhh... it's definitely down to personal choice. I love the apple and cinnamon porridge, used to like the tomato soup but don't now... like most of the soups but think vegetable is my fave, I use chilli soup to make crisps so wouldn't be without it, favourite shake is toffee and walnut. I don't like the chocolate based shakes but then I don't like anything like that anyway. Love the toffee and caramel bars.... sigh, this diet aint half bad when you think about it :)

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