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Hi guys

Ok, don’t know if anybody remembers me, but I am a dreaded restarter …. Well a wannabe restarter!

In short…. Very short I promise…. I started CD ss+ APROX 11 months ago. I lost five stone in just under 6 months with no blips at all! J Then it kind of went down hill. I lost the will completely and hit a few health probs and ultimately came off CD completely no steps just bang straight off.

So here I am five months later, having regained APROX 1 stone and about half a dress size. Not great but not too bad right? So I need to lose at least another two stone so I’m thinking now’s the time to restart! O by the way I joint the gym about a month or so ago and go 3 – 4 times per week mainly cardio.

But ……. Isn’t there always a but…………

The two health reasons for me stopping the diet were 1) my back went completely – which was the start of an ongoing back complaint. I was put on strong pain killers and had to eat with them and 2) I had some blood tests done that come back abnormal…. Don’t quite know what but something to do with enlarged red blood cells????

So after 101 questions from the Dr I was advised the blood test abnormalities could mean many things, but are consistent with a highly deficient diet. L Not really what I wanted to hear seeing as CD is 100 percent nutritionally balanced! Seeing as I had just stopped CD to take the back pain killers it was considered I had now stopped the diet and should re take the blood tests in a few months (this hasn’t happened as yet) been trying to book the blood test outside of working hours but no hope as yet.

So I have been back on mins reading all the stories… a lot of them saying they have regained all the weight!!!! I cannot do that so know I need to restart… but should I? The past three weeks I am absolutely exhausted. I know I need to retake those blood tests but if I wait until I get that appointment I could have potentially lost another stone by then. And on the flip side my back is relentlessly hurting, I can take paracetamol and give the other pain killers a rest and losing my excess weight would surely help the back prob.

Sorry that wasn’t a short story at all was it lol. So this morning I have had my bran flakes.. but im thinking should I just draw a line under this morning and start now?! Should I still go to the gym and do CD I don’t want to give it up but I don’t want to make myself ill either

Any advice kindly received


Ps I could go on as ive had so much going on which is ultimately effecting my cd frame of mind but il stop boring you all…. For now

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please try again
speaking to your cdc would probebly be best hun, she can contact the medical department at cambridge for you to see what they advise as the best course of action for you


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speak to a CDC and make sure it's Ok for you to do it, you dont want to make yourself poorly xx


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Thanks for the response. I have made a decision to start Saturday 24/07/2010 so basically this Saturday. I’m not currently in touch with my CDC at the moment but I have about one months supply of shakes n soups so should keep me going. Then I will contact her and book an appointment.

My daughter has an important hospital appointment this Friday so didn’t want to be in the zoned out place known to us a ketosis when speaking to her consultant, hence the Saturday start.

I have booked my blood tests for the following week so if anything worrying shows up I’l stop and speak to dr. So now I seem a bit clearer headed. The fact that other half is going away for a month mid august is a big motivation so technically I could be to target by time he returns.

Thanks for your support guys

I’ll be on here loads for support over the next couple of months…..

Anybody else looking to start or restart this weekend? Anybody from my kneck of the woods? S. E London?

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