shall i start now?????


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Hi all,can anyone help me,i so want to start the diet but i dont think im gonna get through xmas with no food,i am going to my sis on xmas day for a huge family gathering and also have guests for boxing day,i cant see the point in starting now,am i right or am i wimping out,please advise me someone. Elaine:sigh:
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Hi Elaine,

If you start now you could possibly have between one and half to two stone off.

There are always going to be something but Christmas is a special time of year and full of more temptation than any other time...

Then again...your head has to be in it and I think if you feel you will be deprived over Christmas and won't be able to do it then it is best to wait, as for what you think becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Decide on a date that will suit you and stick with it.

It has to be your choice on when you wish to commit and only you can answer this.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi there. I'd say start now, you have enough time to get at least a stone off!

I'm on my third day and wondered the same myself, but i though what the heck, strike whilst the iron's hot.

I've decided that i'm going to have my Christmas dinner, but not go mad and eat everything in sight. Then go back on LT afterwards.



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Thanks,that has helped,i think i will start,i am waiting for the LL consultant to ring me,hope its soon then . Thanks again x

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I think you need to commit fully to this diet, if you are not able to abstain for the 100 days then you shouldn't start it at all.
Once you have eaten during abstinence it is 100 times harder to get back on track - I know.
Your head has to be in the right place & you don't need any temptations in the way, if you are adamant that you want to eat at xmas then I think you should start the diet in the new year.
Good luck in what you decide.


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I am 100% with Cherry on this - there is absolutely NO POINT starting if you are intending to lapse, it is a waste of time, and for the sake of one mealtime, it is not worth jeopardising the hard work you'd have put in so far.

Just because you are abstaining doesn't mean Christmas will be crap - you can still watch the crap tele, do the presents, see all your family and have a good giggle - and when it comes to the lunch - either have a soup at the table, or offer to do the washing up and pop in every now and again to stay involved and join them again between courses/for coffee! Easy!

I could be wrong, and please say otherwise, but it doesn't sound like your head is really focused on doing this - which is understandable, it is a HUGE step - but you've really got to get the adrenaline pumping and that fighting energy going... and be dead set on the fact your going to take control and not let things like family events and things slow you down. :)
Sorry to rant - just don't want you to do something you'll regret! xx


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My two pence worth would be to really focus on what you want and if you decide LL is what you are going to do, realistically start in the new year, its a clean slate a new begining. I agree with Cherry dont start knowing you are going to cheat there is no point.
Good luck, but you won't need it if I can do it anyone can :D


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I'm in agreement with Cherry, Anna and Tange I'm afraid! My dad started LL a couple of weeks ago and lost a stone. He's now gone on a cruise for a fortnight, having bought 2 weeks worth of packs at £132, and has not stuck to the plan one bit. It's just a waste of effort and money, because when he gets back, he'll find that he's put all that weight back on again! We all know it's easier to gain weight than lose it!!

Also, in the case of Christmas, it is worth noting that most of the people I spoke to when I started in September had no intention of staying in abstinence over the festive period and were all planning to "take a break". But after a few weeks on the plan, everyone's plans changed. Nobody wanted to risk all of their hard work for one meal that could jeopardise all of the hard word they had done so far!

I have bumped up the Christmas thread for you so you can see what I'm talking about!!

B x


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Wimping or not ?

Hi Parkerela
Doln't start beating yourself up before you start. You've already got a no win situation in your head.
If you do start now and then decide to eat over Christmas - you'll be angry with yourself.
If you don't start now and put on more weight before starting LL in January - you'll be angry with yourself.
As some of the others have said, this is such a big undertaking,your head has to be in the right place when you start for it to work.
What is your motivation for considering LL rather than another weight loss programme?
There will be Christmas ,weddings, birthdays, work do's etc etc every year.
If you are really determined you could start asap. Otherwise it may not be the right time or programme for you just now.
Good luck whatever you decide. Everyone here will be very supportive.:girlpower:


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I think if you seriously want to do it but don't think you can go thru christmas without food then start in the new year, its a fresh start. You have to start with the commitment that you are not going to cheat you will stay on this program 100% and see it right thru. I would suggest if you decide to start after christmas that you cut back over christmas time just so you dont gain LOADs like most people do over the festive period.

Personally I have decided to stick with the program over christmas and new year. I am almost halway to my goal now and no turkey is going to get in my way.

Good luck and let us know your decison.


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Whilst I do agree with most of the comments here, if it were me, I'd start. I was so pumped to start Lighterlife I was all set to start the diet the day before my birthday and a week before a big wedding I'd been waiting for. It turned out that I had to wait 3 weeks to start in the end so I got to enjoy those occaisions anyway but the point is that I went along to my info session perfectly willing to make the sacrifice. As I said in your other thread, you need to be totally commited mentally before you start in my opinion so if there is any doubt that you won't make it through christmas then by all means wait. This raises other questions though. After Christmas there's New year, January depression, Winter need to comfort eat, easter, bank holiday then before you know it you're walking into the BBQ/early holiday season.

I'm not trying to put you off but one of the key things with the LL counselling is to get away from the 'I'll start on Monday' or 'In the new year' mentality. I've had family parties, weekends away, boozy work conferences, cocktail receptions, sporting events, concerts and loads more to deal with. I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet just trying to highlight that there is always something around the corner. :)