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Sharon's diary

Hi all,

this is my first (and only!) time on CD. I'm doing SS and on day 7. I didn't think I was going to do a diary, but have posted most days on the CD page, so thought I'd collate them all here, and do a proper diet - so here's my first few days:

1st day
Started CD today on SS – and have to say I’m blimmin’ starving! :DI’ve had a chocolate tetra for brekkie and a chicken/mushroom soup for lunch (both were gadgeous) and so far about 3 litres of water. Gonna have a shake for dinner not sure what flavour, and more water (feel like I’m turning into a washing machine, my stomach gurgles every time I move!!)Feel really great that I’ve started, but I’m worried that I’ll ‘forget’ I’m on a diet! I nearly have already! My desk had some chocolates on that someone brought and I picked them up ready to eat one, but just remembered in time that I was on CD! What a donut! (mmmm donuts!) The guy I share an office with is being really sweet by asking me if it’s ok if he eats in front of me – bless – but the rest of my office think I’m starving myself and doing damage. I just keep telling them to watch this space! :party0011:Anyway – can’t wait for ketosis to kick in so I’m not so hungry – day 3-4 hopefully right? Sharon
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Day 2

Well, i've made it through 2 days now! yay! Felt really rough this morning, and have had a headache most of the day, but it wasn't that bad! Was so busy at work, so I think that helped. The shakes/soups/tetras I've had so far have all be yummy!

I really think I can do this, but I can't help thinking I'll be the only one in the world that it doesn't work for. Silly, huh? Just can't imagine myself slim I guess, so I think it's not going to happen. Oh well, I'll just stick to it, and see what happens, can't do more than that!

Day 3

Wow. Today was hard. Felt hungry, headachey, unable to concentrate. Just yucky. Stuck to it 100% and going to bed early. Don't like today! lol

Hi all,

Well day 4 was MUCH easier than day 3 - think I must be going into Ketosis :bliss:

Didn't feel as hungry (but still was hungry!) and had a headache first thing, but took stome tabs and this time it didn't come back! Feel fine now!

Big test is tomorrow where I'm at a wedding all day. Haven't had any sparkling water yet, as I'm saving it as a 'treat' for at the wedding. Oh jeez.

Wish me luck, and thanks for all your support!
Day 5 - proud of myself!

Hi all,

Well yesterday I went to my friend's wedding. I've realised that it's only when you can't eat you notice how much food they try and stuff down your throat at these things! The canapes looked amazing, the 3 course meal looked stunning, and the buffet in the evening nearly got me, BUT... I ate NOTHING! Still can't believe it, am in shock!

I had my shake when everyone else was having dessert, and actually the meal was easier than I thought it would be - just kept drinking water The buffet was harder, but seeing as I'd forgone having gorgeous canapes and the stunning meal, I wasn't going to trip up then! AND no alcohol - who knew I could say 'no thank you' so many times!!! The wedding was on a boat on the Thames, so I just kept my mind on looking at the views out the window that seemed to keep me sane (ish!!)

I thought it best just to tell everyone what I was doing - jeez I wish I didn't - soooo many people saying 'oh, that's not healthy, and 'surely you can have salad or veg and the Apple Charlotte as that's healthy (!!). Just kept saying that I was fine, wasn't hungry and it was my choice - they shut up in the end! Acutally think it was me repeating 'I'm fine' and 'I'm not hungry' that actually made me fine and not hungry! Power of thought, eh!

Not sure if I managed to drink enough water yesterday, as I couldn't keep count, but I figured better to drink less water than to eat!

Anyway, day 6 is here, and I've been 100% so far. Getting weighed on day 8, as I have another function with sit down meal on day 7 (Mon). must be some kind of masochist or something - used to eat LOADS at these things -no wonder I'm as heavy as I am!

Still in shock that I didn't eat, and managed to have an amazing time!! woohooooo

Have a good day everyone!

day 7 - another sit down meal!
Hi all,

Had another sit down meal at an awards ceremony I had to go to. And I didn't eat anything again! That's 2 in 2 days (and in my first week!), and not a morsel has passed my lips! yay! I really didn't realise I could be so strong! If I can get through that, I can get through this diet!

Had to postpone my first weigh in until tonight - so wish me luck!! I'm scared! ;)

1st week weigh in

Well it was weigh in tonight. Felt really nervous! used a ketostix and I'm in Ketosis! yay!

And I lost 8lb! :party0038:woohooo dead chuffed. Can't help wishing for more, but that's natural i guess - it's been 8 days as I couldn't get weighed yesterday, so a pound a day. Hoping for 4lb next week, then 3-4lb a week and I'd be happy! :clap:

On the plus side, just booked a 2 week holiday in Florida for March! woohooo - what more inspiration do I need!

Hi Sharon

You must feel so proud of yourself:) Well done on your first weigh in, 8lbs is great!

What torture 2 events in your first week, I was scared to go out for the first couple of months! I know what you mean about the negative comments, I think we all get those, have to say that a lot of the neg comments I got helped to keep me going, as being pigheaded I wanted to prove them all wrong:eek:;)

Hi Sharon

Really please i found your diary, im on day 7 of SS today and having my first weigh in tomorrow, we also have very similar amounts to loose, so its going to be really cool keeping an eye on you and reading your entries. I am nervous about tomorrow as i really want to have lost quite a bit in my first week too (but the scales only said 7 pounds this morning!)

Anyway well done for passing the food tests so early on in the journey! Keep going girl :)
Day 9

Hasn't been too bad today. Have been hungry, but not STARVING like I was last week. Was mega busy at work, so didn't have time to think about it, so that's good. Drank all my water, and will have some extra tonight :cool:

Just wish CD would come with a portaloo or something - I've got an hours drive home from work, and Every night I just about make it! All CDC's should provide one so we can take them everywhere we go! lol


INGS: Good luck on your first weigh-in! Let me know how you get on!!

The peeing is definitely something to get used to! mini portaloo sounds ideal, we need a fold up when for when we go shopping, so we can just pop into a changing room somewhere and no-one would be any the wiser!

Well i weighed in this morning and its still 7 pounds, i am happy with that but i was secretly hoping for more to be honest!

This morning there's a breakfast meeting at work and they have these lovely bacon butties sitting in the kitchen, god i could murder one today!! Im not hungry, its just that i know how lovely it tastes and if i wasnt on this diet i would so be there!

Anyways hope you have a fab day - and here's to a good weight loss at the end of week 2 for both of us!
Well done Ings - 7lb is fab! Mmmm bacon butties! could murde one!


Day 10

Had a really good day today - felt really positive and motivated. Tried the Berry flavour for the water, and it was gorgeous so that helped. Only thing is, I weighed myself this morning (I know, I know!) and I'm still the same as I was 2 days ago. Hmph. Oh well, Will just keep at it!!

Day 11

Had a really hungry day today - nothing like the first week, just like I used to feel when I was on a very strict diet, so nothing I couldn't handle!

Have gone off the soups today - so had 2 tetras and a shake for dinner - much better. So glad I love the shakes! Got a bit worried as the scales say I've only lost 1lb, but after reading posts on here (love this website) I've decided not to worry, and now to just go for it for a month and see what happens. I can't be the only person in the world that this diet doesn't work for, can I?! ;)

Plan to try and keep busy over the weekend, and keep my mind off my normal weekend binge! :)



jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
hi sharon
well done on your loss so far
you are doing great
keep up the good work

kaz x
Day 12

Stuggled again today - went out shopping and there was food everywhere! lol Also had to go into McDonalds AND Burger King to use their toilets - talk about being a masochist! Boy did it smell good! Still - got through the day, and the scales were down another pound! woohoooo - its all worth it!!

Saw some lovely clothes when I was out, but didn't buy anything, as I'm sure they'll only fit for a month or so! Bought some FAB shoes though! :D Can't wait to be at my goal weight - somebody better worn the shops!! :p

Hi Sharon

So pleased that you pulled through this weekend and stuck to it, well done!! I also found it really hard going, its not that im hungry cause thats passed, its just that i miss eating! and i found myself longing for all sorts of lovely meals this weekend. Its much easier for me to handle while im at work though, cause its a proper routine, so in a sick way im glad its Monday!!

Have a great week, im sure the pounds will shift, what day is your weigh in?
DAY 14

Weigh in is today! finding it much easier now - not starving anymore! I get hungry, but it's normally when I'm due a shake, and Ifeel i've got more energy, so it's all good! anyway, cut to the chase, I lost 3lbs! really pleased, as I didn't think I was losing this week! If I can lose 3-4 a week, I'd be happy (obviously want more, but happy with that!) Am determined to stick to this, but still can't imagine myself slim. think it's because I've never been slim in my life, so it's hard to visualise! Oh well, I'll see soon enough!!! woohoooooo :D

Ings - What day's your weigh in? Keep it up! :)
Hi Sharon

well done, almost a stone now! how cool is that!! So happy its getting easier for you now xx

Weigh in tomorrow (Thursday) fingers crossed!
Day? - lost count!

Well - haven't posted for a while here - have had a bit of a bad time - my father died a week ago, and just haven't felt like posting (understandable, I guess!) anyway, I managed to stick to the diet all but 2 days, when i just needed to eat (and boy did I eat). I've probably put on a couple of pound, but to be honest, I dont care. I needed it. I've been back on it today, and have been 100% - so back on track, and ready to face the challenge again - need something to keep me occupied, so will be posting on this site quite a bit. Weigh in tomorrow - will post again then.:wave_cry:

Week 4 - put on 1.5lbs, which isnt bad, considering I ate at the funeral, then had a big chinese, and had chicken salad (lots of dressing) next day AND big cake.

Stuck to it all week this week, got right back into swing again, and started enjoyng it :) LOVE feeling my clothes becoming loser - even my favourite jeans fit me again. Woohoooo

Week 5 weigh in - lost 4lbs!!! Horrayyyyy wanted a bit more as I put on last week, but 4lbs in a week is good in anyone's book! I am now in the 11s!!!! Aiming for 3 pounds this week, then my CDC is on holiday for 2 weeks - but I know I'm strong enough to do it without seeing her for that little while :)

Amber - how are you doing????

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