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shebedee - keeping it up and off

Well done what an achievement- I look forward to following your progress I'm sure you'll reach your 3 stone target before you know it! x
slowing down

Well I still lost even after a very hard week- just a pound- but that's OK.
I'm not losing as quickly as I was when I first joined so I need to accept that and not expect 3 lbs losses every week.

I have just a half a pound to go to reach a 3 stone total loss- so it will be very exciting if I manage that next week.
I found the big losses so thrilling but these important milestones and changes in my size and health are just as important as what the scales show.
well done your right about the losses it amazing how it all adds up and makes a real difference to your help- if you can follow the plan when you've had lots of other issues to deal with you must be in a really proud of yourself- take care i'm sure i'll send ny congrats next wk when you reach 3 stone off xx


but you can call me Toni!
Wow, well done! 3 Stone in 3 Months is amazing! I only started three weeks ago and I've lost 7lbs. It's not coming off fast but I'm just happy it's going in the right direction! :) Good luck with that last 0.5lbs!
A whopping great 5lbs off at the scales for me this evening. Everyone did really well at our club this evening so I feel really positive.
I hope to break through another stone barrier , get my 3.5 stone award and reach 50lbs off in total by next week..3lbs off would be great.
I seem to do really well every other week and lost 4lbs last night. I won the SOW basket too.
I feel so happy and can really start to imagine myself as a slim person now.I don't even feel tempted by Christmas nosh - this feeling is much, much better than the taste of a mince pie.
Well what a Happy Christmas this has been. I have just come back from a post-Christmas weigh in and have lost 2 lbs.
Best pressie I had.
I did keep my food healthy and broadly within SW rules but did indulge in a few Belgian chocolates and more wine than I'd normally have. I hope it doesn't catch up with me next week. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves- weight loss or not.
shrinki said:
Hi Shebedee
You are doing so well. You're the only person I have heard that lost weight over Christmas!
Keep up the good work x
Hi. Thanks for the encouraging words. Sadly I had my first blip and put on 2 lbs this week....won't be there for long though. It was too much wine at a party last Saturday and the cheese ! Back to fizzy water for me for a while.
A pound and a half gone which is better than nothing but I really want to get things moving again. I think I have no choice but to give up wine for a while- that will strengthen my resolve - I hope.

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