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shes back! :)


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I did lighterlife in January and lost 1 & 1/2 stone in just 2 weeks! but then had a tragic loss in the family, mum became very ill and there was the breakdown of my long-term relationship (which has since reformed stronger than ever!) However now i need to undo the damage i have done to myself because of all the hurt and pain over the past 3-4 years, Ive got some food packs (12 days) which i plan on starting tomorrow then seeing my counsellor end of the week :)
I feel strong now, i honestly believe if i dont do something now, i never will, i dont think i really ever did start lighter life, i started a diet, now im starting a new lifestyle! a new me :)
:553: Good Luck everyone in all your goals hopefully this time next year ill be a happier, healthier new me :) Im now roughly 19 stone and want to get down to 9.7-10 stone! scary thought but i wil happen :D
Lovesyou all
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aww thankyou babes!
It was a tough time and i shamefully admit i turned to my old friend! but im older, wiser and in the right head space now so hopefully soon ill look as amazing as you! :D
And good luck with your goals, go stamp on that 10 stone! :D
Lets hope things go better this time, i believe 100% in fate, my nana passed away yesterday, i had a 3 hours chat with my dad about every emotion hold then this morning i woke up and just thought, i need to do this now!
Nana's obviously pushing me in the right direction :D
Thankyou for caring!
Lots of love
welcome back TD!

sorry to hear things have been rought lately, but like you said, this is the start of a new lifetyle, and I totally believe you can do it!

all the best :)


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Hello :)

Welcome back and good luck with the journey, you will do fantastically and get to your goal!



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Welcome back T_D, good to hear from you again and good luck in reaching goal.


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Welcome back and good luck with this part of your journey. :)


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hi there
welcome back and good luck
daisy x
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Rach you go girl sounds like you are really ready. I am sam i started just over 2 weeks ago i did start up a july starters thread please come and let us know how your finding it and hopefully we can support each other all the way take care and great big hugs of support as you start your journey.

x x x sam x x x


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I went through the same sort of thing, right int he middle of doing so well on the diet. So if you need a chat to someone thats been there, just drop me a pm.

sukie sue

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welcome back and best of luck xxx
Hi Rachel

Welcome back. Do it for your Nana.
You'll get lots of encouragement and support on here as you know.
I'm glad your relationship is back on track xxx


I Can Do This!
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Welcome Back!

Your goals can be achieved! In around ten months you will be at 9st 7. Believe this and visualise how you will look and feel.

It will keep you going through the times where you may have previously turned to that old unhelpful friend. You will have new friends - long soaks in the bath, bottles of nail varnish, books, minimins etc. Those are the friends to turn to when tempted. xx


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your all amazing now i realise how much support you gave me! :)

Loveyou all

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