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Shingles anyone?????


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I noticed a rash on Friday and have had a bit of a cold... anyway woke up this morning to find a nice large lump near my collarbone *gulp* Got Shingles... anyone else had this? The doctor didnt give me anything for it? Is this odd? I feel ok just a bit tired been doing 30 Day Shred so thought it was that lol lol

Any advice or info would be great:cry::D (not going to let this through me off plan)
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Hiya. I had it last year.
Had 6 weeks off work. It depends how fast you catch it but I'm pretty sure you should have some sort of medication. I had to have medication then anti inflammatory as my arm was so swollen and I couldn't use my arm right for a few months.

Just be careful. Take it really easy and avoid anyone who hadn't had chicken pox. It might not seem bad but it can get much worse. Mine did.

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At present I only have a small patch on the top of my back :confused: Im just hoping that it doesnt spread... Might go back to doctors on Friday if I start to feel worse, my mum said they can give you antiviral drugs to stop it spreading...:sigh:
Hi I had it when I was 16. I was poorly for about a month and had little blister type things. I was given medication, twas a long time ago so can't remeber what. Have a look here for info: Shingles - NHS Choices

Hope you feel better soon x
as a general rule if you are under 55, usually healthy (ie don't have diabetes etc) and its not opthalmic shingles, then anti viral medication is not indicated, just painkillers,

the purpose of antivirals is not to 'cure' shingles but to prevent post herpetic neuralgia (after shingles nerve pain)

sorry, its another viral thing that the only cure for is time :( not very pleasant and very painful

hope you feel better soon xx
My hubby had it in the scar after a hernia operation when my son was 3 months old....yes we are THAT unlucky! He was in agony he took Piriton and painkillers and found an ice pack helped.

Feel better soon x


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I'm feeling a bit better thanks everyone x just can't seem to focus or concentrate on anything at the moment lol x I think they are drying out :) but is it painful x x

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