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shopping lists


is getting better at it
hello all :)
was wondering if you could help me with a shopping list i am going shopping tonight after weigh in and was wondering what everybody buys, and what you always have in the fridge freezer etc, (dont really want much do i lol)
i slipped up a few times this week as i was not very well prepared and i want to do better this week
thank you
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I'll be watching this too as I was going to ask something similar ;)


Quark is a must in my fridge and low fat fromage frais along with curly whirlys stashed in me freezer :D
I always buy fruit...so a big bag of apples and a bunch of bananas at least. - Need to get into the habbit of buying more veg, but always find I end up throwing it out as don't often it eat - so im gonna stock up on bags of frozen veg this week.
I always buy frozen quorn stuff - either sausages, or mince - its often cheaper bought frozen too :)
I also buy yogurts - but I dont buy too many - I will eat them all in one go - im terrible for that!! I only buy one or two then go again later on in week if I want more
Dried cous cous/rice/batchelors savoury rice are great for staple meal ideas
and for staple snacks: low fat super noodles
For flavourings I have stocked up on leinperrines, bovril (in a jar) and lots of curry powders/chilli powders/tex mex seasonings :)
Hope this helps :)


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Here is a list i usually have a stock of

Muller lights
Laughing cows
Low fat cottage cheese (onion and chives)
tinned tomatos
quorn sausages/mince/fillets
savoury rice
chick peas
baked beans
frozen veg
fresh fruit
diet coke!!!!!!!! lol
i always have things in for the lazy days like chick pea dahl tins from asda, packets of pasta n sauces even microwaveable rice for that extra speed 2 mins and ping!!!! lol
But i do try and make most things from scratch so i keep a stock of things like flavourings/spices/herbs/stock cubes

Hope this helps


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Always have butternut squash , and fresh/ frozen broccoli to make soups with, tinned tomatoes, ONIONS, frozen garlic (morrisons) cos it is already chopped and doesn't sprout. Chillis in any form, and as I love curries and chinese I have a jar of lazy ginger.Oh and beetroot and or pickled onions, these I love, so if I do get hungry I can decant some into a dish and chomp away. And the things the others chose.

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