Shopping night tonight!


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I am looking forward to it tonight :) , its been hard going these past few weeks and watching food going in the trolly (hubbys) and nothing for me!

But as its my AAM week next week I am going on the search for the veggie things I can have. So its looks like the cottage cheese, tofu and some quorn!! Shame you cant have eggs! as I do still eat them.

Maybe I wont be so grumpy whilst trawling the isles tonight. Much to hubbys relief. :D :D :D :D

Deb x
Deb - it's hard watching all those "goodies" going in the trolley and I admire you for still shopping with yr hubby. But you can enjoy putting in bits for you tonight - plus a bunch of flowers for being so good!

I noticed your weight loss for last week was slightly less - often after AAM week you have a good loss - so hopefully you will.

Good luck and enjoy AAM.
Hi Deb, stupid question, but I take it you're a Vegetarian then? On my AAM I lived off chicken & mushroom kebabs, which you could do with quorn or tofu, so nice. It's quite weird eating food again, but nice, nice also when the shopping actually has something for you in it! When I was SSing & doing the shopping I ALWAYS made sure I got something, a magazine, flowers, some really nice (expensive!!) toiletries etc & hubby was brill, if he was shopping he'd do the same. It was just nice opening the bags and having something in there for me.

Enjoy your AAM week & have a good loss :)
I'm just coming to the end of AAM week and have lost more on this than any other part of the diet. Egg yolks are a problem for this diet because of the high fat and calorie content, I can't see there would be anything wrong with eating egg whites since they are the purest protein available. Not that anyone would want to eat just egg whites, that's probably why that option isn't in the book.