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should i came out and in again ?

....we all know i started on day 3 on bars flavours coke zero ect ect ect and never quite been in the roll of things my keto sticks are behaving weird first pink in the mornings middle pink in the afternoons well today its light pink in the morning and now! i ate last night small but carbs choc! well the big quistion is do you think i would be better coming out of ketosis and waiting a few days then starting again and doing it proper this time so i can get deep in keto ?
also ive not been feeling cold since first week
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No I don't think you would. If you are in ketosis you are in ketosis, the darker the pink on the stick, the more dehydrated you are. Like I said on the other thread, drop the extras as its these are likely to make you crave other things.
If your bars are finished then if coke zero is the only thing that helps you stick with it, then I personally would have it (maybe just 1 glass). I know the reason its not allowed is because it can cause cravings etc... Is it maybe your chatterbox that is getting on top you, your looking to have a break, so the idea of stopping and starting again would allow you to do this. You are already in ketosis just now, you will just make it harder for yourself if you stop. I know how your feeling, I've done CD umpteen times and started LL last night. Just keep posting on here, play in the arcade, read a book but don't think a restart is the answer, its often the slippery slope.
Keep going, if you keep giving in, it'll all just take longer. You know you can do it. You do seem obsessed with your sticks though! I can tell ketosis by the taste in my mouth.....
Have you tried fizzy water, I have that in the evening as my treat, sounds like muppetry I know but it does work.....for me anyway.


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no dont start again lol .... if it shows even slight pink your in K... if u eat then start ova again u will have 2 go through the 1st few rough days again /.... keep goin youll be ok xx


now got pictures in album
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I'll be completely honest and say, dont even test for ketones! Just stick to the plan and dont test for at least 1 whole week. I have the sticks and dont use them because the way I see it, it's more about how you are feeling, positive etc. then what colour your wee comes out. If it's not the right colour, does it make you feel crap? I decided that I wouldnt test anymore, and just keep going.

Just my opinion :p


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move away from the ketostix.... lol i know wat u mean though i was obsessed just leave it till maybe fri/sat then test again ... xx
Hey NN, your chatterbox is that bit of your conscience that is making you think this is a stupid way to lose weight, I'm not gonna be able to do this, 1 bit won't hurt.

This then causes you to question the diet and find ways to talk yourself out of it, unless you are stronger than the chatterbox. Think I'm in ketosis, won't feel hungry, have lots of energy, will lose weight quickly, will soon be looking slim, clothes gonna fit me much better, etc... and you'll be able to override it.
Ketostix - if you have to test then keep it to your first wee of the day. Later on you will dilute your ketones as you drink water.
Try and hold off the bars and def hold off the coke zero. Certainly till ketosis is well established with the bars. Coke zero is not recommended cos it can make you hungry.
Stick to the book and you will be fine :)
I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, i don't mean it to and i only say it because i've been there.

It really sounds to me that you are looking for excuses to justify coming off the diet and eating. There will ALWAYS be a reason/excuse to use to try and justify breaking the diet to yourself and you will simply go round in circles. It's really not worth it.

Ketostix aren't the be all and end all and besides, as i understand it's not ketosis that makes you lose the weight it just stops the hunger. Even if you aren't in ketosis anymore if you stick with the diet you will lose weight!

Good luck whatever you decide!
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have you read the post "interesting read" my MarieMuch!
excellent read and so true = well in my case - give it a go, it may help

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