Should I really do AAM, or leave until Iv got another stone under my belt?


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most people say that doing AAM doesnt really affect their weight loss and if it does, it boosts their metabolism for the following week so they end up with a bigger loss.

i dont want to do AAM but i know its a healthier way to do the diet so will add a meal once i have been on diet for 4 straight weeks lol


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I always did aam, and it was no issue for me at all, and tbh it made me feel better to sit and eat with the family, even if it was tiny, to me it was a big thing to feel "normal" again. It was scary at first, thing is, the amounts are tiny so gaining would be just about impossible, on my first AAM I lost 2 lbs that week, but 5 the week after, I am sure that it helps x


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I think AAM kick started my weight loss - see below:


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Hi, idnt feel i was in control enough yet to do it. So i think you need to think seriously about where you are in your head.
I know the thought of real food again is tempting but would just a small amount be enough or would it leave you wanting more? Comr the end of the week would you be able to get back to ssing? Im not saying you shouldnt do it, you know yourself best, just playing devils advocate and asking you to be sure you are at that strng place. You are doing very well, dont want you to ruin it now.