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Should I return to SW...

Hi :) I am considering returning to SW and desperately need some advice/support ..
I have only just registered on here as I'd had every intention of doing the Cambridge Diet however I've only got to my second day on it before being strongly advised by my GP not to carry on. I had my gall bladder removed just under 3 years ago and my GP has said that the effect the Cambridge Diet may have on me is a bit of an unknown quantity, as when you are lacking your gallbladder your liver has to work harder, and the cambridge diet can put your liver under strain as it is and he told me that no matter what Cambridge say, 400-odd calories per day is just not safe.

I also suffer with hypoglycaemia (I'm not diabetic) and had a hypo last night after just one day on cambridge, it was awful, I was driving at the time so that's just dangerous.

Anyway.. I am giving extremely serious consideration to returning to SW as it has worked for me in the past (albeit several years ago!!) and I know that you aren't banned from actually eating the right, healthy foods. I did rejoin SW in February of this year, but the day after joining I lost my job and so food planning went totally out of the window in favour of jobhunting, paying the bills etc. I need to do something though im so desperately unhappy about my weight and I feel that SW may be the only thing that will work

Any kicks up the backside, words of encouragement (preferably about not being a failure for being unable to do cambridge!!!) would be very welcome at what is a very frought time for me weight wise :(

thank you
Julia x
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first off hun, welcome to minimins! :D just wanted to say that LOL.

anyway, you aren't a failure for not being able to follow a diet because of health reasons. you should be doing what's safest and best for you, and if cambridge isn't safe then that's just life.

i would check with your GP about whether they think SW is a safe diet for you before asking us, because no matter how much we'd love to say YES JOIN US, we aren't qualified doctors and can't tell you whether it's a good idea or not. if it is safe for you, then we'll be glad to help you all we can hun. :D

however i must say how brilliant you are for still trying to do this, after everything else has been going on. :)
Thank you Chazzdiver :) when I spoke to my GP this morning said he is a great advocate of SW and often recommends it to patients who have said they would like to lose weight :) and this is coming from a doctor who is definitely one of the 'old school!!
2010 has really been a bad year but as time goes on, I don't get any smaller and the evans trousers still come out of the wardrobe every day lol so I need to do something :-( I think what I need to do, no matter what else is going on in life, is STICK to food planning cos its when I've had a bad day that I can't be bothered to cook and stuff... so if I do this again, this time it has to be 100% xx
LOL i love it when GP's send people to SW's direction. more people to chat with :D

well hun, if you do want to join SW, then it's a good way to pull your focus from the negatives. i have recently become redundant, so i'm looking for work too. i find that i gained a load of weight when i wasn't doing something, so took it into my own hands.

at first i couldn't be bothered to do lots of work for one meal, so i tried some recipes that i could have over a week or so, like stews, that could be frozen after i made it. saved lots of time, and i found that by cooking it, i didn't pick up any cookies in the meantime. the trick is to find something to do whilst you are not eating. if that's just chatting away on here or going and painting your toenails, then go for it.

if you lose weight whilst looking for work, it's a great confidence boost i'll tell yah. ;)
Hey :) Welcome in!

My GP and his wife both follow SW - just goes to show, you can have all the possible information about health available to you and STILL end up needing a bit of support and help to lose weight!

Personally, SW has been the making of me. If you are looking for friendly support, the ability to eat REALLY well and still lose weight, and something to give you the focus and determination that you need to succeed, then it is definitely a good thing to do.

You have nothing to lose except lbs, so give it a go!
don't fully understand Cambridge diet so i would not want to comment to much but 400 cals a day just don't sound right!!! and you doctor is not going to give u bad advice its not in his interest to. i did slimming world 5 years ago and although i was not at the government recommended weight i was happy with how i looked and stopped trying so hard when ppl thought i looked ill. :p

my friend who ran the class moved away and i stopped going. At the end of Aug i went back to SW and the consultant was a friend who used to cover hols from my old class. i was (give or take a 1lb or 2) twice the woman i was last time i saw her!!!

1st week weigh in and I'm 6.5lb lighter!!

SW works and it can work again for both of us. getting your head around EE when you've done red day/green day can be a lil daunting but u will get so much help on here it wont be a worry!!!

Good luck, i know u can do it xx :D


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Thank you Chazzdiver :) when I spoke to my GP this morning said he is a great advocate of SW and often recommends it to patients who have said they would like to lose weight :) and this is coming from a doctor who is definitely one of the 'old school!!
Nice to hear of a GP recommending SW to their patients.

I'd say rejoin - you've done it before, you know it works. it takes a bit of discipline as you know - but so does any other eating plan. but you'll also be setting yourself up for life.

(and if you're joining the 7pm group at All Saint's Church on Monday's in Warwick - say hi - can't miss me - i'm probably the only guy there) :)
400 calories a day is not good for anyone, it can't be! SW is a healthy eating plan and although you might need to make some adjustments for your particular health problems, SW is flexible so you can do that.

Good luck - you are making a sensible decision and I wish you well.
IanH- have just been sitting here for half an hour reading your tripod website, and filling up reading it (emotionally I mean, not with food.. lol) because so much of what you said about yourself at the start of your journey, sums up how I am feeling right now. You have done amazingly well!!! Can relate to what you said about your brothers weddings being your motivation as my own wedding is what is spurring me on to wanting to do this. x

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