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Should I return to WW??

I think my minds already made up but im currently on SW. Used to be on WW and got on OK with it, but I was tired of pointing and weighing.

I know that if you stick to your points, you lose weight.

Im going on holiday in 10 weeks and need to lose as much as poss, dont want to rush it but want to be successful. As I said im currently on SW and I enjoyed it at first, but as im a student nurse on placement all the time, all I find myself eating is mugshots and fruit! Not my idea of a diet if you ask me. Im thinking at least on WW (if I had to) I could walk into a sandwich shop and know the points, etc.

Like I said I think my minds already made up..but im scared of coming back, can anyone give me any tips or advice, or advantages of WW so I bite the bullet and rejoin??

Thanks in advance :)

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adores posting
Hi soontobeslim 10,
i'm also with sw well was, i cancelled on friday i lost 8lb on it with 17lb now to lose i think sw is great but suits some people better than others so i'm going back to ww and will register at my nearest meeting on tuesday i love bread and choc and cheese and wine:8855:who doesnt.
i feel i'd be better on ww its more flexable ie no Healthy extras or syns.
so good luck to both of us ive worked out i can have 23 pts how about you.


plodding away
I'm a ex swer too and found it great in the beginning but needed the portion control and flexibility of ww.

I'm a nurse and work shifts so find ww much more user friendly. you do get used to the weighing and pointing. I hated doing it at first but now I am looking at it in a more positive way in that it is teaching me how much a portion should be.

Good luck with the change.
Thanks to the both of you!

My mind is definately made up, but as I have a hen night this weekend im not sure wether or not to join a WW meeting tomorrow, or carry on with SW til thursday then join a meeting after the hen night.

Chocoholic my points would be 21, as im 12.1!

Quite excited now :) x

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I'm an ex SWer and I hate WW! LOL at least on SW you can have lots of free food to make whole meals out of - I'm sick of salad already and it's only been 4 days on WW. A sandwich is sooo easy on SW!
Different diets suit different people, but I find a sandwich so much easier on WW. You just count the points. On SW., you had to ahve the right, special, bread, and watch what went in was free, or use syns.
Hi Sw doesnt work for me never has but I know loads of people love it,I think ww is ideal as its a plan for life as you can have what you want as long as you are within your points meaning you Never feel deprived. xx
I think they both work well if you stick closely to 'the rules' but on sw the rules are a lot more complicated in my opinion! I think its just a matter of experimenting til you find the one that suits you. Good luck xx

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