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should i switch?

Hi everyone,

i tried slimming world a week and a half ago and lost nothing in my first week. I kept doing well still nothing came off and today i was so disappointed i had a big binge :(

has anyone else had a similar experience and found calorie counting to be better?

how much weight has everyone on here lost by calorie counting and which site do you use?
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Hi Natasha, What a shame not losing anything so early on in your attempts...that's a real bummer!

I have been doing CC for the majority of my weight loss. It may seem a bit odd that my details below show a rather long plateau but that is really down to my being on quite a few meds, being disabled and my rather doddery old age...lol! .. otherwise I always find it the best.

However, it could just be that you may need to persevere with SW a bit longer but whatever you choose I do hope you have better success.

Take care and all the very best to you .... :)
I am 61 pounds down after a year of Calorie Counting - it works for me :) I was a fairly similar weight to you at the start too so I promise you, it can and does work! Welcome to our part of the forum! xx
Hi. Sorry SW didn't work for you. I've never tried it myself. But calorie counting has been great for me. On the whole I have managed to lose every weigh in as I haven't had the urge to go over calories much. Just a bit the odd day here or there. I have lost 51lbs (3.5 stones) in 5 months, but about 2 weeks of that was eating at maintenance calories as I was doing my dissertation and was stressed out and 2 weeks I took off from calorie counting completely as I was on holiday. So really it is 51lbs in 4 months of actually trying to lose weight. I use the My Fitness Pal website to log my food in.

Hope this helps :)
That's upto you. I don't really look at the other stuff. Maybe try and watch my sat fats now and then just to be a bit healthier. But some people choose to do lower carbs too and stuff. Whatever works for you I guess. I've been fine with carbs so far. Love my breads and pasta too much to cut them out lol
I think people expect too much of their bodies.. we aren't machines that suddenly go from one thing to another easily and give us results straight away, perhaps your body is just adjusting to the change so I think you need more time on the SW before you can really say it isn't working for you. Most people who have a good weight loss on their first few days or week of a new diet are loosing water/fluid anyway so I wouldn't give up yet as the next time you step on the scales you could have a great surprise. Good luck with whichever method you use :)
yup having two healthy extra's each and having 5-10 syns per day. I have tried upping the water although my consultant said it wont help weight loss it just makes you healthier
id stick with it for a bit longer. i was watching what i ate and exercising and it was a good 3-4 weeks before i started seeing real results and my body got used to the weight watchers. i was just looking into calorie counting myself. it seems awfully tempting, but im doing good so far with what im doing so im gonna restrain myself from trying to jump around to other diets so soon.
I would try it for another week or two. A month is plenty of time for it to have 'worked' although I do have a friend who couldn't seem to lose on sw...unless she did only red days, so I think it was a carb thing...might be the same with you?

I think if you are 'enjoying' the plan, give it a chance...if not, switch x

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