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ShrinkingAlice: 4 stone gone, 7 to go! SHRINK SHRink shrink....

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by shrinkingalice, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    Hi :waves: My name is Shrinking Alice and I am fat. Yes, I am. Im not ashamed to say it, because I have to say it to change it. I have made a dint into my fat suit using VLCD diet but now I have to make a change due to my medical condition. I have chosen Slimming World to lose the rest of my weight and keep on shrinking.

    I started losing weight on 4th October 2013, at 23st 11lbs! From then until 31st Dec 2013 I lost 5 stone. in 3 months :cool: v.cool! I then got the news that I had to stop doing any VLCD and start eating 'real' food again as I have a chronic pain condition with degenerative disease of the spine and this means HIGH dose painkillers which have now gone up so high that I must eat regularly and sensibly. It was a blow at first and I "rebelled" and I have gained 1 stone back! in 12 days!! :( Not cool! So Slimming World here I come. I will be joining a group on Tuesday morning and restarting losing weight.

    I have been planning what to eat, when to eat and how to manage everything. Ive started organising a food/recipe/meal planner folder and its really getting me in the mood for actually eating healthy food and following SW for as long as it takes :)

    Hope to make new friends and maybe inspire people as I had been doing with VLCDieting.

    I USE OTHER SITES!!! And I use the same name on them if you want to find me! :)
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  3. Zafira

    Zafira Gold Member

    Hi, well done on your losses so far!
    SW is an excellent plan once you get the hang of it and if you follow it properly :)
    See you got a link in your signature ..follow me... am doing so but don't really know how to use that app and what its used for...still not entirely sure after just looking again :)
  4. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    All set for starting tomorrow, shopping list ready, meals planned for the week including snacks using my fancy new meal planning folder, water bottles ready to go, and weigh in number 1 of SW in the morning :) Bring it on x
  5. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    Good luck Hun, I'm sure you'll do great :)
  6. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Good luck!
  7. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    First week on SW starting today, first weigh in was this morning and I am now 20 stone 0lbs since i stopped dieting for 8 days! Nearly 2lbs on a day!! Shocking but i literally ate crap and my weight in chocolate everyday lol!

    Started VLCD 4/10/13 @ 23st 11lbs.
    Started SW 14/01/14 @ 20st 0lbs.
    Total loss on VLCD 3st 11lbs.
    Goal weight 12st 0.
  8. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    Some Goals:

    22's / 22,13 / 47.4 :checkmark:
    -1st / 22,11 / 47.1 :checkmark:
    21's / 21,13 / 45.3 :checkmark:
    -2st / 21,11 / 45 :checkmark:
    under 300 / 21,5 / 44.2 :checkmark:
    20's / 20,13 / 43.3 :checkmark:
    -3st / 20,11 / 43 :checkmark:
    19's / 19,13 / 41.2
    -4st / 19,11 / 40.9
    Class II / 19,4 / 39.9
    18's / 18,13 / 39.1
    -5st / 18,11 / 38.8
    17's / 17,13 / 37.1
    -6st / 17,11 / 36.8
    16's / 16,13 / 35
    class I / 16,12 / 34.9
    -7st / 16,11 / 34.7
    15's / 15,13 / 32.9
    -8st / 15,11 / 32.6
    14's / 14,13 / 30.9
    -9st / 14,11 / 30.6
    overweight / 14,6 / 29.8
    under 200 / 14,3 / 29.4
    13's / 13,13 / 28.8
    -10st / 13,11 / 28.5
    12's / 12,13 / 26.7
    -11st / 12,11 / 26.4
    GOAL! / 12,0 / 24.8 / Healthy!
  9. Breaking Flab

    Breaking Flab Member

    Best of luck hun :)

    I have about 8 or 9 stones myself to lose so I'm in the same boat.
  10. Zafira

    Zafira Gold Member

    Good luck!
  11. minus117

    minus117 Full Member

    Good Luck Miss :)
  12. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    thanks everyone :) x
  13. fat2go

    fat2go Full Member

    Me too so here's good luck from me whilst I'm here in your thread ...I'm sure you'll succeed!
  14. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    This week's weigh in, Lost 5 1/2 pounds :) Total loss, 4st 2.5lbs :D x
  15. BugFace

    BugFace Full Member

    Wow, well done! That's great. How did you find your first SW week?

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