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Sick :-(


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hey guys, if done soo well on this diet so far and yeah there's been times I've wanted to eat but have got through it. But I'm sick ATM and none of my shakes have done anything for me today and I've still drank enough water, but I'm so bloody hungry and I want the full feeling because I am sick and my throat is on fire and I really really want ice cream to soothe it!

I don't want to give up but i'm so scared this feeling is going to win!

Does any one know anything I can do to soothe my throat?
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Ohhhh babe, I'm sorry I don't. If I were ill I don't know what I'd do, I hate ice cream! Hope you feel etter soon x


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Gargle with soluble aspirin - that should soothe the throat - hold it there for a little while if you can. Hope you feel better soon! **hugs**
If you feel the temptation for the Ice Cream too much try mixing a shake with less water and freezing it for a while, it should turn out like a frozen Mousse and hopefully sooth your throat.
Or try Ice Cubes ?
Get well soon.
try putting your mixed strawberry choc or vanila lipotrim in ice lolly moulds or ice cube moulds in the freezer then suck them lol
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going to say do a chilled one of the chocs so it be like a mousse

hope your feeling better


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ello angel cake, im currently dyin of flu with u! im covered FROM HEAD 2 TOE In a heat rash an havnt slept 4 3 nights...

so i know wer ur comin from, i jus wana eat everythin but i wont cos this is more omporetant and i wnt b beaten! not this time...

feel better babe an remember how proud u will b when u havnt given in, all my love xxx


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Awww chelly!! **HUGS**
I hope you feel better soon - don't really know anything other than what has already been said - hope something works for you!!!
aww poor you!! Sendin you a big get well hug. One for you too Lauren xxx
If you have a sore throat try gargling your mouth/throat with salt water, without swallowing it. x
hope you feel better soon. would suggest ice cubes too.
I would say, next shake, get the blender out if you have one, plenty of ice and the normal amount of water, if you put enough ice in it will be slushy like a slush puppy, I only have choc shakes and its yum like that!

Hope you feel better soon x
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hey there i got a nasty old cold and sore throat 2 weeks into LT. My way to get through it was to keep taking paracetamol and having hot drinks. The paracetamol should help the pain.

take care.

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