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Discussion in 'Slimming World - Overseas' started by Irish-In-Canada, 6 January 2014.

  1. Irish-In-Canada

    Irish-In-Canada New Member


    I'm an Irish girl who has recently moved out to Canada, and I wish to start up the old slimming world regime again soon!

    I know some versions of pasta n sauce are free back home, but can anyone tell me if sidekicks or any equivalent is free or no syns (with milk as healthy extra)?


  2. StaceyUK

    StaceyUK Well-Known Member

    I think they are from memory! Whereabouts in Canada are you?
  3. Irish-In-Canada

    Irish-In-Canada New Member

    I'm in Vancouver, BC. Only moved here around 5 months ago. What about yourself?
  4. StaceyUK

    StaceyUK Well-Known Member

    I'm near Toronto! Been here for 3 yrs

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